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2:HRS a family comedy

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2:HRS Movie poster

2:HRS Movie poster

Three Friends, Two Hours, One Bucket List
What could possibly go wrong?

The summer holidays are almost upon us and parents all over the country will be wondering how to entertain their children for 6 whole weeks! So you may like to know about a new movie that is coming out ‘on demand’ at the end of this month.

2:HRS is a new British comedy with Keith Allen and Seann Walsh to be released by Makelight Productions from 30th July. The story follows a budding graffiti artist and expert slacker, teen Tim Edge (Harry Jarvis) who gets more than he bargained for when he convinces his two best friends, Vic and Alf, to skip a school trip. They stumble into a press conference being held by Lena Eidelhorn, the mad scientist (Siobhan Redmond, 2x nominated BAFTA actress) who is unveiling her latest invention, The Vitalitron. This machine is capable of predicting the time of death of any living creature. When Tim sneaks inside, he discovers he only has two hours left to live.
Chased across London by tabloid journalists, Tooley and Graves (Seann Walsh and Marek Larwood), Tim and his mates agree on a bucket list that will cram a lifetime into the next two hours.
Meanwhile Lena makes plans to ensure that The Vitalitron’s prophecy comes true no matter what…

The movie trailer is here:

The film will be available on demand from iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Sky Store from 30th July 2018.

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