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3 Part-time jobs for mums juggling work & home life

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Being a mother can bring with it an infinite number of changes, rewards and of course- surprises! Many women prefer to stay at home for a little while to adjust to the enormous change in her life once the baby has arrived. Not to mention when you have more than one child.
Multitasking becomes second nature, getting things done on little sleep, organising your finances… the list of skills motherhood brings with it is long.

Of course, after some time, once you have managed to get your routine settled, and everything is under control, you might start to feel like it’s time to start a new chapter in your life. Sometimes this means that you are ready to take on a job: yes, more responsibilities, but also something just for you, and not unimportantly- something that pays.

However, many mothers are quickly put off returning to work, especially since we have come to realise that working means spending most of your waking time at the office, 50 hours per week or sometimes more. For a woman with children, whether she is doing it alone or with a partner, these working hours just aren’t feasible, particularly when the child or children are still small. Thankfully, the situation is not so bleak; there are some careers out there, which are perfectly suited to a busy mother.

Back to School Mums Office Diary

In fact, many are now relying on part-time, flexible, or even temporary jobs, which as a mother will allow you to juggle between work and family life. Working less hours, or working from home with your own schedule will allow you to be present in your kids life, here are some jobs that would be interesting as well as challenging, but who doesn’t like a little challenge! I have chosen three jobs which can be done wherever in the UK you might be, if you’re a Northerner like me in search of a job in a big city like Manchester or from a small village down in the South- opportunities are out there!

Web Designer
Are you a creative person? This might be the job for you. Although it does require a little prior knowledge, web design is the perfect job for those of you that spend the days browsing the Internet for inspiring websites, who enjoys creating artistic work and know your way around creative computer programmes. The job entails creating and optimizing websites, therefore you might want to undertake a course to expand your knowledge on the subject, and stand out, and not to worry now you can find many web designer courses online, meaning a little prior investment of time and money might lead you to a long-lasting and satisfying career.

Social Care Worker
Social Care allows you to take care of those who are in need; it could go from nursery services up to assist people with disabilities. This type of job requires quite some patience, which as a mum is a skill you have probably already mastered, and of course an upbeat personality, and a positive attitude. Think carefully about this decision however, it can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding but not everyone can go from taking care of their children, straight into taking care of an elderly in infirm person without this taking a toll.

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Whether you are teaching children or young adults, teaching might offer you the opportunity to have flexible hours (subbing or class-sharing for example) and to have long holidays, which will fit perfectly your children’s holidays. Also, another branch of this career path could be tutoring, which could allow you to work from home, with your own hours, and students of your choice.

Whatever job you decide to undertake, always remember that no matter what you choose it is important that you enjoy what you are doing. Part-time jobs can be very satisfying, as long as they allow you to juggle between work and everyday family life.


This post was written in collaboration with Mary J. See my disclosure policy for details

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Comments to 3 Part-time jobs for mums juggling work & home life

  • I childminded for a few years and now I have my qualifications I am moving into a pre-school as it is term time only. Not as well paid as my job in an investment bank but fits perfectly with my home life

    Kara Guppy 22nd April 2017 10:36 am Reply
    • Well done on your new job Kara

      Nadine Hill 22nd April 2017 12:11 pm Reply
  • It’s hard to juggle things isn’t it? I’ve never worked from home but can see how that would be great for parents who would otherwise have to pay a fortune in childcare x x

    Cass Bailey 24th April 2017 10:03 am Reply
  • Funnily enough I left teaching to have kids and decided not to go back, I just didn’t have enough headspace for both motherhood and teaching children, but that’s down to my temperament. Writing is more introverted and gives me the space I need to be a great mum at the end of the day I think.

    Penny - Parentshaped 26th April 2017 11:16 am Reply
  • ___123___3 Part-time jobs for mums juggling work & home life | JuggleMum___123___

    GORMON 27th April 2017 2:30 am Reply
  • It’s certainly hard to juggle. I’m so glad I started blogging when I did and have been able to turn it into a job as although I returned to Nannying when I had Emmy, I couldn’t do that with 2 kids

    Clare Nicholas 1st May 2017 8:29 am Reply
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  • Текст оригіналу
    Great review, thank you! I’d also add to this list copywriting and translation jobs – I am sure many moms have good writing skills and that is exactly the time when they can turn this into the constant income/

    MEC 1st December 2020 2:04 pm Reply

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