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5 Ways To Instantly Perk Up Your Interior Decor

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Paint a feature wall

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If you want to perk up your interior, there are numerous things you can do. If you don’t want to wait and you want to give your interior a perkier look in an instant, follow the 5 ideas below. You’ll love how they can perk up any room in your home and make you more house proud than ever! Take a look and see what we mean!

Paint a feature wall

1. Do Something With A Plain Wall
Start by choosing a plain wall in your home and doing something with it. A plain wall is the perfect wall to wallpaper, paint a bright color, or cover with some of your favorite pictures to create a gallery wall. Ideally, the wall won’t have any distractions, like a door. However, there are no real rules so you need to do what feels right to you ultimately.

2. Have Fun With Different Textures

Make sure you have fun with different textures in your interior. By using different textures you instantly perk up a space and make it feel cosier. Plus, rooms with more textures instantly look more professionally put together! A room devoid of texture can feel cold and dull. You can add wholesale rugs, even layering them to create a cool, diverse look. You can also layer up things like throws and cushions. Plants always add texture, especially the leafy green variety. All you have to do to get this right is make sure you’re not including textures that are going to set off any allergies or be bad for pets/children.

3. Use Mirrors
Using mirrors can almost be like an optical illusion in your home. You can use them strategically to reflect light around the home and make a space appear larger. Seriously; a big mirror can make a room appear twice the size!

4. Declutter
Decluttering will instantly make your interior look better. It’s important to note that clutter isn’t just letters you haven’t dealt with yet and magazines you’ve left lying around; it can be visual clutter too. Perhaps you have a lot of smaller ornaments that aren’t really doing anything for the overall appearance of a room. They aren’t necessarily taking up space, but they are creating visual clutter that can ruin the look you’re trying to achieve. You need to be smart, and choose ornaments that will create a big visual impact. It’s nearly always better to choose a large ornament that you really love and want to last a long time, rather than lots of little ones.

The only clutter you should keep lying around is clutter that is truly sentimental to you, such as a picture that your child/niece/sibling made for you. This is the only kind of clutter proven to make us happier when we look at it.

5. Add Some Contrast
Finally, to finish off your interior perfectly, add some contrast. You can do this by clashing a few colors, adding a contrasting furniture piece, or coming up with your own idea. Contrast in a space always helps it look more interesting!

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