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A start-up company’s guide to recruitment

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Running a small business from home is one thing – employing staff is quite another and as someone who has done both, it can be a minefield if you don’t get the right information up front. This guest post takes you through the things to consider when looking to take on staff.


Reaching the point as a start-up where you decide you need to take on additional members of staff can be exciting. After all, it’s a sign that you’re expanding and it’s a reason to feel positive about the future. However, getting the process of recruitment right can be tricky, especially if you lack experience. To help you achieve the results you’re after, here’s a brief guide to growing your workforce.

Decide which posts you really need to create
Your first step should be deciding which posts you need to create. While it’s crucial you have enough employees and expertise to complete your work and steer your firm to success, it’s also vital that you don’t overstretch your finances by taking too many new workers on board. When you’re deciding which roles to create, consider issues like whether your workflow is fairly constant or seasonal, what your growth plans are and how much money you can reasonably afford to shell out in wages. Getting this right is critical, so never rush your decision making process when it comes to taking on new personnel.

Attract the right people
Once you’re certain about the jobs you wish to advertise, you’ll need to ensure you attract the right candidates to fill them. A prerequisite of this is creating accurate and appealing job adverts, and distributing these through the appropriate channels. This can include job centres, local newspapers, recruitment websites, social media sites and employment agencies. To help you reach out in the right ways, you may benefit from enlisting the help of a recruitment specialist. For example, HR experts Penna can brand your business and help you attract the relevant candidates. Making sure you cast your net wide enough at this stage will increase your chances of finding the right candidates for your roles.

Assess applicants thoroughly
To narrow your applicant pool down successfully, you’ll need to be savvy when it comes to the assessment process. Bear in mind that this can involve so much more than a simple interview. Increasingly, companies are using cutting-edge online tests and even psychological profiling to help them whittle their candidate lists down and ensure they hone in on the best possible people. Meanwhile, when it comes to interviews, make sure you prepare your questions carefully and always take notes during these discussions so that you don’t forget any important points.

Make sure you follow the letter of the law
Throughout your recruitment process, from creating your job ads to signing contracts with successful candidates, you’ll need to follow the letter of the law. For example, you can’t discriminate against people on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. If you’re not sure of any aspect of recruitment and employment law, it’s essential that you do your research and get clued up. You may also benefit from getting experts to guide you through the process. Bear in mind that any mistakes can lead to costly and damaging legal action, so it’s not worth taking the risk.

Paying attention to tips like these when you’re searching for new staff members should help you attract the right people and avoid a range of recruitment-related pitfalls.

This is a collaborative post.

Comments to A start-up company’s guide to recruitment

  • Love this post Nadine, I have to say taking on staff can be a nightmare, but take your time and get the right people and it makes all the difference. But as you say, it is important to know the law and what is and isn’t allowed when taking on staff.

    Fiona Cambouropoulos 3rd October 2016 8:07 pm Reply
    • Absolutely – the right people can be a Godsend but it’s all to easy for things to go wrong too.

      Nadine Hill 4th October 2016 1:48 pm Reply
  • I’d love to take on someone else to help with my business, but I think I’m a way off it yet, but it’s good to start thinking early.

    Erica Price 4th October 2016 11:02 am Reply
    • Yes it is – thanks for commenting Erica, and good luck with your future growth.

      Nadine Hill 4th October 2016 1:47 pm Reply
  • I do hope that I’m in a position to need this one of these days Nadine – I’m just starting out with my little business but I have my head filled with grand plans 😉

    Cass@frugalfamily 6th October 2016 11:02 am Reply
    • Big plans is the way to start! Good luck with it all Cass.

      Nadine Hill 10th October 2016 10:26 am Reply
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    AUS sfia 18th July 2021 12:06 pm Reply
  • For a startup its very difficult to hire a new employee. I can understand the pain as i’ve once gone through this. Content well compiled. You can consult recruitment company for that as well

    Jeff Seid 5th August 2021 8:00 am Reply

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