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A Woman’s Handbag

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my handbag 2015

Six years ago I published a blog post about my handbag and what I carry in it. I found it highly entertaining to re-read!

Have a look at my handbag now – I posted this to Instagram a few weeks ago.

my handbag 2015

I’m so happy to report that what I carry in my handbag these days is just for me… No ‘extras’ for the kids ‘just in case’! Have a look at my old handbag and the post that went with it below…

On 13th July 2009 I published the following post:
I just LOVE my bags and shoes! If there was a kind of ‘detox’ for bag and shoe aholics, I’d probably need to do it, but thankfully there isn’t!

Have a look at my current fave bag – it’s from ‘Primarni’ and was the bargain price of about £8!

I think that after many years of trying, I have now perfected the ‘capsule handbag’!  Here is what I keep in mine:
-Essential make up bag and inside it contains ‘sample size’ items so I don’t have to lug my bathroom cabinet round with me but I can still stay fresh! Notice the clear pockets so you can see everything before you open the bag!! (It’s a bit sad but I also carry round a single freezer bag in this make up bag for the often half eaten muffin that my kids hand back to me but want me to ‘save for later’!)  I also have a plastic bag clip in there to clip up half eaten bags of crisps!  I have learned my messy lesson over the years when I have had more rogue crisps in the bottom of my bag than in the factory at Walkers!
-Sunglasses. I feel ‘put together’ when I can reach into my bag and pull out the shades on a sunny day!
-Clip lid box filled with dried apricots!  I have a sweet tooth and these seem to satisfy to stop me buying a Mars bar when I’m out!
-Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream – the best!  (I get it Duty Free when I fly – gives me something to do whilst waiting for the plane!)
-The pink striped tin by ‘Moxie’ is a new brand of pads/pantliners.  I like to carry a couple just in case and this box disguises what they are in case I drop the bag and the contents spill!
-Two mobile phones.  My (work) BlackBerry is in the red case – my (personal) pink phone is for fun and so the school can get me if they need to!  However usually used for the essentials of texting my pals about the latest Katie and Peter saga, arranging playdates and swopping jokes!
-The red blob in the far right of the picture is a cloth bag – a spare so I don’t have to take a supermarket bag.  It folds really small and is handy when you are just popping in and end up getting more than you intended and cannot carry it without a bag!
-My purse of course!  Mine is orange and I’m still looking for one good enough to replace the best purse I ever had which was by Liz Claibourne.  It was hot fuchsia and I got it in Dubai.  It lasted about 6 years until it started to rip.  I loved that purse *sniff*!  This orange one is by TK Maxx – not as good but will do for now!
-I always carry my Flip Camcorder (in black) with me.  It’s so handy for recording ad-hoc kid moments that you cannot schedule but I also use it for recording short video tutorials to do with work!
-Now I look like a female Bear Grylls but I do carry round this pink ‘army knife’ with me.  It was a stocking filler gift one Christmas but it is so useful when you have kids!  I have used the Phillips head and the flat head screwdriver many times to change the batteries in a childs’ toy, the LED light comes in useful when it is dark or to entertain a fractious toddler.  I peak his curiosity by illuminating stuff!  It also has pliers, a knife, and a nail file but I never use that!  I prefer my proper salon style emery boards!
-Lastly the see through zip bag at the far left is for holding my Flip camcorder, army knife etc so I can easily find them at the bottom of such a big bag!

My bag is a bit like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag – you never know what I will pull out of there!

Now in 2015, I’m a lot more streamlined! But I’m still on vlogging alert!! How has your bag changed over the last 6 years – or more specifically, as your children have grown? Isn’t it amazing what we lug around that isn’t even for us! Let me know your bag secrets in the comments!

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