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Autumn clean

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My children are back to school after a long lazy summer (for them!) and the nights are getting just a teeny bit longer, I have noticed the temperature has dropped and there is even some Christmas stuff starting to creep into the shops! All this means that autumn is on its way and after that, we’ll have the Christmas countdown in earnest, so before the chaos that is the festive season, I am getting my house in order!

plate setting my shot

Over the summer we were doing some building work at home so things have been a little messy, but now that is over, I can have a proper clean of everything and do some sorting. If you are planning to do an autumn clean (the winter version of a spring clean!) then this handy checklist may help you decide what to do first.

  • First things first, there’s no point in cleaning when your house is full of clutter and messy, so sort the mess out. I have been through everyone’s wardrobes for outgrown clothes, old school uniform (now the kids are at new schools) and things like toys that they have outgrown. All of these have been bagged up for the charity shop. I have also tidied the living room and dining room of the clutter which just accumulates when we don’t put things away. Everything now has a home and things we no longer need are going to charity.
  • When the clutter is gone, deep clean every room. This can be exhausting, so I don’t try to do it in one go, but pick a room or two each day and clean it from top to bottom, until the whole house is done. Dust the surfaces, wipe down the skirting boards and architraves, go over the paintwork for finger marks and vacuum the floor.
  • Bathrooms are always more daunting than they seem, mainly because of the shower enclosure, but it’s easy enough to get that sparkling by running a rubber blade over it! This gives a streak free finish for glass doors.
  • Treat the washing machine and dishwasher to a clean of their own to keep them in top order. Clean the detergent drawer and filter on your washing machine, pop a dishwasher tablet into the drum and run the machine on an empty cycle at 60 degrees to clean the drum. For your dishwasher, place a cup of white vinegar in the top rack and run the (otherwise empty) machine on one cycle with no other detergent. This will wash away grease and musty odours.
  • Wash all your windows, inside and out before the dark nights are upon us. When it is dark out after work you won’t feel like it!
  • For safety reasons, check your smoke alarms and clean them with the vacuum to get rid of dust in the sensors. While you have the vacuum out, go into the ceiling corners and get the cobwebs.
  • For more housekeeping tips, I did a challenge a few years ago which was ‘30 days, 30 jobs for a clean home‘. If you have gotten the cleaning bug then give that a try! Plus for tips on getting the kids to help with the cleaning, you may like this post.

    Do you do an autumn clean in your home? If you have any extra tips, leave them in the comments!

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