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Back to work

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Back to School Mums Office Diary

September means back to school for my children and the last weeks of August have seen me taking them for haircuts, school shoe shopping, their dentist check ups and a variety of other activities that mean that they are prepared and ready for starting school once again and getting back into a routine following a very relaxed summer.

However with the focus on the children and getting them ready for school and autumn, I also take the chance to check that my husband and I are ‘back to work’ ready! It sounds odd to write as all working parents know, even when the kids are on holiday, you very often are not or at least still have to work around the kids, so it’s not like we are going ‘back to work’ – we never left it in the first place! But at least we can check that we are as prepared as we can be – especially my husband.

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Digging out the trampoline hole

I work from my home office so other than ensuring I have enough stationery and tea bags, my work prep is pretty minimal, but my husband is a builder who works outside so the upcoming autumn season when it starts to get cold means that he needs to check his workwear to ensure that it is still fit for purpose, and also make sure that he has under garment layers to stay warm. Working in construction sees him go through work clothing fairly quickly – items are easily torn or worn down with the constant friction so it is important to buy garments that are hardwearing. We found some practical and comfortable workwear at Engelbert Strauss, which would fit the bill, hardwearing trousers with lots of pockets are always useful, and tops need to allow a full range of movement and keep his body cool or warm – depending on the season outside! Engelbert Strauss is a family run business who specialise in workwear so they have everything we’d need in one place.

Footwear is also an area that we check. My husband needs both safety shoes and workshoes depending on what he is working on each day. Safety shoes are practical shoes that also include a steel toe cap – this is essential when my husband is knocking down walls, or other activities where there is a dropping hazard. However steel toe cap footwear isn’t always the most comfortable for long periods, as they are designed to be tough! So for activities where no risk is present – driving from job to job or supervising his team for example, he can wear a comfortable but still practical workshoe.

Now I have got my kids back to school ready and my husband back to work ready, all I need to do now is make sure that I get them out of the door on time on that first day back!

This is a collaborative post with Engelbert Strauss.

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