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Basil & cherry tomato stuffed peppers

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Basil & cherry tomato stuffed peppers

Basil & cherry tomato stuffed peppers

Here’s an easy lunch idea to help you get in some of your 5-a-day and try something different. Keeping the variety in a diet or eating plan is key to sticking with it and this is a Slimming World recipe that I love – basil & cherry tomato stuffed peppers.

Here’s the ingredients:

  • 200g cherry tomatoes
  • 15g basil
  • 4 red peppers
  • Tub of quark (250g)
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • This video shows you how to make it. It really is simple. Once the ingredients are ready it only takes about 10 minutes in the oven but you also have to soften the peppers first for 5 minutes in the microwave. Watch the video for full instructions!

    If you stick with it right to the end… there are also some fun out-takes!!

    I’m on the Extra Easy plan at Slimming World and this dish is ‘free’ so there are no Syns to count. It’s filling and makes a nice change.

    Have you ever tried this recipe? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments!

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    Comments to Basil & cherry tomato stuffed peppers

    • Gonna sound like a silly question, but wasn’t really sure what quark is? Looks like soft cheese on the video? Sorry, if I’m just being daft hehe! x

      Kirsty Bowerbank-Steel 23rd January 2017 3:47 pm Reply
      • No – not a silly question at all! I didn’t know until I started doing Slimming World! It is a soft cheese, but it’s not actually cheesy if that makes sense! It kind of has to be tried to be understood!!

        Nadine Hill 23rd January 2017 3:52 pm Reply
    • These look colourful and tasty too – I really like them as a lunch idea.

      Erica Price 23rd January 2017 5:52 pm Reply
      • I had them for lunch the day I took this photo!

        Nadine Hill 24th January 2017 10:59 am Reply
    • I hate tomoates sadly but I love peppers and also quark, so ‘ll make these and swap veggies, they look super yum. Mich x

      Michelle Twin Mum 23rd January 2017 8:26 pm Reply
      • Oh yes – let me know what combos you go for and I can give them a try!

        Nadine Hill 24th January 2017 10:59 am Reply
    • Oh yes please, they look amazing

      Kara 27th January 2017 5:21 pm Reply
    • They look lovely, I was a vegetarian for years and stuffed peppers was one of my favourites.

      Kate Williams 3rd February 2017 6:41 am Reply
    • Looks really yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe inspiration

      Mary 3rd February 2017 9:48 pm Reply

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