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Beauty Insider: Beauty On The Go!

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Beauty Insider: Beauty On The Go! On the last kids’ half term holiday we took the opportunity to squeeze in a quick trip to Ibiza!

To save money on the airfare, we opted that only two of our family of four would need a suitcase (we were charged per bag) so we were economical with the items we took, and made sure everything earned its place in the 20kg baggage allowance!

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However I didn’t want to sacrifice beauty. Holidays are usually my best chance to indugle in some pampering – I have more time whilst lounging by a pool to give my nails a lick of paint or pop on a deep hair conditioner, so I hunted for products that would give me full pampering but had half the packing footprint!

Here are my best picks for holiday beauty…


This was the first thing I packed – it’s a super serum that is five products in one! Rajeunir is designed to replace your day cream, night cream, eye cream, primer and serum and will hydrate, oxygenate and refresh your skin. This little bottle lasted me all week (and more!) and took care of all my moisturising needs.
Available from at £42 (and a 30 ml bottle is also small enough for hand luggage!)

Moroccan Oil on balcony

Taking the Moroccanoil Travel Luxuries Kit with me made me feel like I was in a five star hotel where they give you exclusive toiletries in the bathroom! Inside the smart white bag (which is handy for taking to the pool to keep your small valuables in), comes a Moroccanoil Treatment – a hair pampering product for sun abused locks and makes a great styling product; an exfoliator and a luxe big cleansing bar – have a look at how nice they look in the shower!

Moroccan Oil in shower

In the bathroom I used the Marvellous Mummy Kit from Love Boo that included all travel sized products! The Body Smoother can be used by the whole family as a moisturising lotion and I used the Miracle Oil as an aftersun as it’s great for dry skin. There is also a Body Wash. As everything in the kit is well under 100ml, you don’t have the annoying problem of not being allowed to transport it through security it if you take it in your hand luggage!

montage beauty products

You can see the Love Boo products in the top photo along with the Victoria Green Cosmetics Roll. This can be bought at Debenhams and is a super sturdy wipe clean toiletry bag which hangs on a bathroom hook for easy storage. The plastic zip pockets are clear so you can see at a glance where your favourite item is and its pretty color and design are a welcome change from the usual plain colours you normally find on the toiletry bag displays!

The middle photo shows you the Tisserand oils, designed to place on your pulse points to help with whatever your stress situation is. I will save the ‘Focus’ one till I’m back at my desk, but the ‘Travel’ one was handy for the long days in transit and I used the ‘Sweet Dreams’ one on my kids to calm them on the first night when they were over-tired but couldn’t sleep. These are individual oils but you can also purchase all three as a kit from Beauty Naturals.

In the bottom right photo you can see me using the Scholl Cordless Travel Manicure Set. This new set boasts up to 2 hours of use from a full charge, so I could charge before I left and have enough power for the whole holiday to pamper both me and my daughter. Whilst it is handy at home if I need a quick mani-pedi fix, I enjoyed taking my time on the beach, using each tool from filing to buffing, to get a great result. Costing £24.99 RRP, the price is less than a single trip to the nail salon and you will be able to use it for years!

lip balm twin shot

Even on holiday I like a slick of lip tint, just to add a bit of colour – especially as I don’t do full make up during the day. This Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm provided a hint of colour and the moisturising benefits that are perfect for the sun. My daughter used the lighter, more natural shade and I opted for the warmer tone and we both enjoyed the ease of using the twist up stick that made applications easy and quick!

Everything I packed ensured that I had what I needed without tipping the scales at Check-In. I’m proud of my packing this time – I even only had 2 pairs of shoes, and that’s unheard of!

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