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Birthday presents for Spring children

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With spring born children’s birthdays coming up as we speak, now is the time to start planning what you’re going to treat them to – Here’s some ideas for birthday presents for Spring children! With spring renowned for its raining days and #AprilShowers, why not look into gifting them some rainy day activity packs or craft materials that they can be creative with for hours of fun! Pack loads of their favourite arts and crafts bits up in a box and send a parcel to them so they can celebrate with a day filled with plenty of glitter glue, paint and sequins.

Big box of crafts
Fill a box up with coloured paper, pens, paints, pom poms and glue sticks and give them the ultimate creative gift. They will have hours of fun making everything from unicorns, drawings of their family and friends from school, dinosaurs and more – the possibilities are endless! A gift like this doesn’t have to be expensive at all and you can pick up an array of arts and crafts bits from shops such as Hobby Craft and The Works.

Bowling at home
If you’re celebrating with your own children at home, why not spend the afternoon creating your own bowling set! You can create monster bowling or princess bowling using empty toilet rolls or thin cardboard boxes. Paint them up together into their favourite characters and stick googly eyes and glitter on to really bring them to life. Simply grab a ball, set them up into formation and have an afternoon filled with fun and competitiveness!

Create your own shimmer playdough
A simple and cost effective way to create the most girly and shiny playdough on the market. Playdough is a brilliant way for kids to explore their sense of touch and use their creativity to build and create things out of nothing. All you need is plain flour, table salt, warm water, food colouring, glitter and vegetable oil. It only takes around 10 minutes to create the dough which once used, will need to go into the fridge to keep fresh for the next time you want to use it. If you’re wanting to create some playdough for a family member or a friends children, you can make in batches of different colours so they have an array to play and create with.

Rainy day activities are perfect for children born in the spring months – some of these can even be used if they’re having a birthday party with friends! Give them the gift of creativity for their next birthday and let their imaginations go wild.

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