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Blogging: Behind the screen

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behind the screen hero shot

When I started blogging seven years ago, no-one knew what it was or why I was doing it! These days people ‘get’ blogs more but they don’t always realise what it is like behind the scenes, so I thought it’d be fun to show some real ‘behind the screen‘ shots to show what the life of a blogger is really like!!

Bloggers will do anything to get the best angle for their shot. Here, John from Dad Blog UK and I are on the floor getting a unique perspective of the kids playing tennis. Even though I got dust on my clothes and was more dishevelled than before I got on the ground, the shot I took never made it into this post after all!

Left: John from Dad Blog UK. Right: Nadine from JuggleMum (me!)

Left: John from Dad Blog UK. Right: Nadine from JuggleMum (me!)

I take photos of the food and craft projects I make. These are some edible flower ice cubes.

ice cubes alone cropped

When you step back with the camera, you don’t get such a neat and uncluttered shot!

behind the scenes photography shot

To help you get a neater shot, here’s a post I did on how to create an at home photo studio so you can make your own studio or lightbox.

I spend a lot of time at home on my own, I have a home office, but occasionally I get out for meetings! These meetings take place in trendy cafes, diners and hotel coffee shops:

The JuggleMum Tech Department 25.7.15

At the Alchemist, Leeds discussing web analytics

I see my web guru rather a lot! Here we are in Frankie & Benny’s having a branding meeting!
Nadine & Mario at F&B Aprilo 2016

There are also meetings at launches!

Bloggers go on lunch dates! Here I am howling with laughter with Vicki, Honest Mum. She was doing the peace sign with her hand, I was naughty and held my hand the other way around – hence the laughter!
howling with laughter Nadine & Honest Mum

Bloggers go on press trips!

We go to blogger events, here I am having fun with Kara from Chelseamamma.
Nadine & Kara ball pool

We work at blogger events. This was a glitzy awards ceremony – the BiBs 2016 at BritMums Live. I wore a nice dress. Then I shuffled around on the floor hauling boxes!

Dedication - behind the scenes, BiBs 2016

So glamorous! Photo credit: Jen Howze

We do street style fashion shoots!
Celuu fashion shoot

But on some fashion shoots the clothes don’t fit!
behind scenes dress doesnt fit

I occasionally get the wider family involved. Here we are on a weekend break together. This photo is called ‘before’…..
Lakes family photo

This one is affectionally titled ‘after’!
Lakes outtake

I feature my kids all the time but they aren’t always willing models. Here is ‘before’…
kids sunbathing on deck

…and ‘after’!
sunbathing out-take

So is the life of a blogger as you thought it would be? Which was your favourite photo? I’d love to know in the comments and also head over to my Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ for more from JuggleMum!

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Comments to Blogging: Behind the screen

  • Ha ha ha, really funny. My blogger life is much less glamorous. IO no longer go to many events or meet other bloggers very often (through choice), as I am so busy at home!

    Jen Walshaw 26th July 2016 10:15 pm Reply
    • Thanks for your reply, it’s not all glamour (shhh, don’t tell everyone though) ha ha ha!

      Nadine Hill 26th July 2016 10:46 pm Reply
  • I can connect with a lot of these hehe! I also have a HUGE pile of parcels in the lounge at the moment which relates to blogging! x

    Emma | TheMiniMesAndMe 26th July 2016 10:33 pm Reply
    • Thanks for your reply, and I am fully with you on the parcel front!

      Nadine Hill 26th July 2016 10:43 pm Reply
  • Still fairly new to blogging so I will definitely be back for tips soon x

    Louise 26th July 2016 11:29 pm Reply
    • Come back anytime, I hope I can help with your blogging questions.

      Nadine Hill 28th July 2016 3:55 pm Reply
  • Haha I recognise so many of these behaviours! Especially the close up food shot that would show lots of surrounding clutter if I expanded the shot!

    Sonya Cisco 27th July 2016 12:33 pm Reply
  • I love the food shot especially – what looks like a simple picture takes soooo long to set up usually 😉

    Cass@frugalfamily 29th July 2016 11:42 am Reply
    • Absolutely, it’s the behind the scenes that takes the time.

      Nadine Hill 4th August 2016 4:45 pm Reply
  • My kids are getting wise to me taking pics now and pull faces or hide……so annoying. I love the shot with me – it was so much fun!!

    Kara Guppy 3rd August 2016 1:24 pm Reply
    • Ha ha ha, we also have faces being pulled these days!

      Nadine Hill 4th August 2016 4:52 pm Reply
  • This is brilliant, didn’t know it was up, came up in a google search when I was googling pictures of myself for customised images bahaha! Lovely seeing you hun, always a laugh x

    Honest mum 4th August 2016 3:05 pm Reply
    • Googling pics of yourself……you do make me smile! Always lovely to see you too. x

      Nadine Hill 4th August 2016 4:55 pm Reply
  • I don’t get out much myself these days but I’ve had some funny moments in blogging myself. The kids are terrible for photos aren’t they? Unless you catch them unawares

    Anne 7th August 2016 10:06 pm Reply
    • Yep! I have to snatch my photos of the kids these days, they won’t pose for me now!

      JuggleMum, Nadine Hill 11th August 2016 10:18 am Reply
  • Oh wow, I really am losing the hair form the back of my head aren’t I? That’s the one thing I notice from that shot!! Relate to this massively. I am becoming quite skilled at decluttering my photogrpahs and videos.

    John Adams 9th August 2016 10:39 am Reply
    • Do you know John – I didn’t even notice but my husband is totally bald so I like a man with no hair!! It’s funny what we do when you step back and look at the big picture isn’t it? I love how we get down and dirty for one great shot – dedication!!

      JuggleMum, Nadine Hill 11th August 2016 10:20 am Reply
  • You work much harder at your blogger life than I do nowadays. I enjoy keeping it simple but yes over the years I can relate to many of these. Mich x

    Michelle Twin Mum 13th August 2016 8:49 pm Reply
  • Very cool post! I was chatting to a friend the other day who saw another friend had been reviewing a Dyson. She said I might start blogging if you get free Dyson’s. Cause it totally works like that!

    Joanne 19th October 2017 10:07 am Reply

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