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Book Review: Nobody’s Wife by Laura Pearson

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Nobody's Wife Final Cover

The second novel from Laura Pearson, Nobody’s Wife, was published on March 28th 2019.

I have read and reviewed Laura’s debut novel – Missing Pieces, which I loved, so I had high hopes for this new book. The story was well written and had a good rhythm to it, but I have to confess I did not like the protagonist. When I read books I like to root for the central character, but I found it hard to identify with this one – this is not a fault of the writing, in fact, that I disliked the character means that the author succeeded in provoking an emotional reaction in me, but because of my dislike of the character, I didn’t feel satisfied with the story.

The plot follows Emily and her sister Josephine and tells the story of their lives, loves and relationship together. The storytelling unfolded at a nice pace and at first I liked Emily and learning more about her life. However Emily goes on to betray her husband and her sister and it was when this started to unfold that I grew distasteful about her. At the end of the book there was an incident where you’d say ‘the worst happened’, but even when this awful event occurred, I didn’t feel that Emily had gotten her comeuppance. I want her to suffer more for destroying lives.

It would have been nice if Josephine – Emily’s sister had the conclusion of everything working out for her. It would have been nice to feel that she had a chance at happiness, or something hopeful and positive to end on. But I did feel that the end of the story was a little rushed and could have been developed more.

In my review of Missing Pieces, I noted that the author’s style was developed and mature – I was surprised that Missing Pieces was a debut novel. It is only after reading Nobody’s Wife that I learned in the acknowledgements that Nobody’s Wife was in fact the first book that Laura wrote, and Missing Pieces, despite being a debut novel, was the second. This makes sense to me now, having read the ‘first’ book. I do like this writer, but not this particular story. However as I so enjoyed Missing Pieces, I’ll be keen to read Laura’s book number 3 for what I assume will be experienced handling, insight and entertaining dialogue.

The publisher’s promotional copy for this book states:

Nobody’s Wife maintains the emotional and addictive staples of Laura’s writing, but shows off a new side, too: it’s a little bit racy, and it’s a little bit dark. Nobody’s Wife is the perfect, unputdownable afternoon read. You’ll race through it.

I did indeed race through it, it was a decent holiday read but I wish it had been as amazing as her debut book. I’ll await book number three in anticipation.

Nobody's Wife Final Cover

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