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Brimming With Business Ideas

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Brimming With Business Ideas

I’m always brimming with business ideas. Are you like that? Have I ever told you that I’m addicted to buying domain names?

I have consciously tried to curb this obsession over the last few years, but I used to get an idea for a new business in my head, buy the domain (before anyone else could get it of course!) then sit on it until it expired. Please tell me I’m not the only one to do this!

Brimming With Business Ideas

I do have about half a dozen domains that I haven’t let expire. They are nicely tucked away on the back burner, some getting a tweak every now and then but gently bubbling away whilst I lay some ground work so that one day they can come into the light!

This is why you shouldn’t ever be worried about someone ‘stealing’ your ideas. An idea without action is just an idea – not a business. It only ‘becomes’ when action is taken to bring it to fruition. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had an idea, sat on it then seen someone else come out with the same idea. It’s my own fault – if I’d moved quicker I’d have been first. But to be honest, if it had excited me enough – I would have been first. It obviously wasn’t for me.

A business where I was first was my boutique virtual assistance enterprise, The Dream PA. I started the company in 2004, trading from 2005. It was at a time when VAs were not commonly known about. I used to go to business networking meetings and tell people what I did, only to ask if that meant I was a hologram! No-one had heard of VAs – now they are everywhere. Because I was an early adopter, I saw a need for a book to help new VAs start and build their businesses, which lead me to write my first book, The Virtual Assistant Handbook. It became a best-seller.

Virtual Assistant Handbook  Amazon Bestseller screengrab

Here is the book cover, it made me so proud to see my name in print!

The Virtual Assistant Handbook in paperback

It was the first book aimed at UK virtual assistants, and definitely the first to be written by a UK VA. There are other books now of course, but mine was published first!

Since those days in my early career as a businessmum, I’ve evolved and changed my focus. My love of writing my first book led to me starting this blog and going on to write a second book aimed at writers and bloggers.

Nowadays I have much more of a lifestyle business. Blogging is my main work, but I also do some freelance writing, speaking and vlogging for brands. I even worked a year as a Pampered Chef consultant before deciding to stop that (very enjoyable!) line of work so I could devote more time to JuggleMum. But I’m still brimming with business ideas!

Look at this Tweet I sent out in January:
Businessmum Twitter Status Bites & Bytes

I still think it’s a great idea now but I’ve learned which ideas to let pass and this is one. I have no desire to open a cafe! I think when we become mums, it can awaken something within us that we didn’t know was there. I would never have thought that I’d be working for myself, when I started my career in my twenties. But motherhood can be empowering, (once you’ve clawed your way back through the period where you lose all your confidence. I’ve not met a mother yet who hasn’t had this knock after having a child but good luck to her if she’s out there).

So how about you? Did you get an itch to start something new after having kids or are you just brimming with business ideas anyway? Do let me know your story. I like to profile interesting small businesses on JuggleMum, so please get in touch if you think that you are doing something that busy mums would like to know about!

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