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Bringing The Bundle Home: Get The Family Ready For Your Baby

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Bringing home a newborn baby can be a major upheaval for any household, as life for every family member changes as soon as the little one has arrived. No matter if the news about the pregnancy was a complete surprise for you or would be proceeded by months of preparations, PGD tests and choosing between multiple surrogacy agencies the fact remains – you have less time than you’ve expected and time to get started is now. You’ll have nearly 9 months (give or take) to prepare everybody and everything as much as possible before the due date, so it’s time for a notebook and pen situation, and, lists; lots of lists. It’s time to get exciting, and not to overwhelm yourself. However, it’s worth sorting out whatever you can now so that you can focus on bonding with your little one when they arrive. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those expecting a little bundle, and who want to prep as much as they can beforehand.


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All That Stuff
For such tiny humans, babies require a lot of stuff. If you already have kids, you know what’s coming; a beautiful, crying, needy bundle of joy that you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Make a list of items you already have; maybe you’ve kept your first born’s cot in the loft, or perhaps you want a shiny new luxury cot for your little one; it’s worth knowing what needs prioritising so that you can budget for everything. If you are planning to repurpose items you bought for your children previously, ensure they are in good shape. Get items down from the the loft or the top of the wardrobe, clean them up, and make sure they’re working as they should. If items aren’t working quite right, see if they’re easily fixed, or if they’re completely past using, you are best to budget there and then for a new one; rather than paying for it at a time that might not be very financially convenient.

Creating Space
Assuming you have a nursery set-up already; many items can be put in there. Aside from making it a visually calming space for baby and parents to be in, make sure it’s as functional as possible. The nursery may well be the room your new family member sleeps, feeds, is dressed, plays and has their nappy changed; so smart storage solutions and furniture placement are key issues to consider. For example, if there’s space underneath the changing table, make use of it; it’s a great place to put some drawers or shelves. Look out for unused spaces and nooks; it’s always worth seeing if there’s room for more storage; and the more surfaces, the better. If you already have a child or a couple of them (you busy mum, you), and they are going to have to share their bedroom with the baby, it’s worth putting some real time and effort into making it a positive situation. It’s always good to get the kids involved in these types of projects; and they will, in turn, become excited about baby’s arrival; but more about that in a little while. Talk to your little ones about what colours they think the baby might like; you could suggest they’ll like the same style and colours as them.

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