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BritMums made me do it!

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Pose in a bunting bikini? BritMums made me do it!

BML15 nadine bunting bikini

Image from BritMums Live 2015

Whoop it up with Carol Smillie? BritMums made me do it!

Nadine and Carol Smilie Montage at #BML15

Image from BritMums Live 2015

Straddle my fellow bloggers? BritMums made me do it!

Nadine & Honest Mum 2015

Image from BritMums Live 2015

Let’s just say, it is the exciting, electric atmosphere that made me do it. I love a blogging event and BritMums Live has been a firm fixture in my diary for the last 5 years – and I was at CyberMummy before that. The sea of smiling faces gets to me and puts something in my bones that just makes me want to jump around! Attending makes me happy.

This year, it was different for me. Still fun, still exciting, still a great event to connect with bloggers and brands but this year I was on the team…. All official like!

my name badge #BML16

It was my first BritMums Live since I became the BritMums Blog Editor and I was on duty all weekend. Helping to organise things gave me a great insight into the sheer effort that goes into producing an event like this, and I’m happy to say I still got to have plenty of networking opportunities with my fellow bloggers and brands, but there were some differences for me.

I have my outfit planned well in advance, I do a blog post about it and try to find a dress sponsor if possible. I love fashion and part of the fun for me in attending something like this is planning what I will wear.

This time:
Because I’ve been working with the BritMums founders Jen & Susanna on this event since January and the last couple of months have been the busiest ever, I felt like I’d already sorted my outfit in advance and was surprised when it got to 48 hours before the event to find that I had no clue what I would wear! I ended up washing the clothes I took on a hen weekend to Amsterdam the weekend before and wearing all those – to save me having to think about it too much!

Me on the right with blogger Natalie Trice of Just Because I Love - we are leopard twins!

Me on the right with blogger Natalie Trice of Just Because I Love – we are leopard twins!

I plan which sessions I fancy in advance, getting a nice balance of extending my learning, supporting my fellow bloggers who are speaking and also planning in breaks where I can mingle with brands. At the end of my event, I usually have loads of business cards to follow up with and pages of notes of things I want to action on my blog.

This time:
I was so busy looking after speakers and brands plus helping to do what needed doing around the event that I didn’t take any notes, but I did do a helluva lot of networking and was happy to have a hug fest with both old and new bloggy friends.

I did manage to get a photo with Carol Smillie again…

But alas! My good friend Carol didn’t remember me from last year so cunning blogger that I am, I gave her one of my new, branded JuggleMum pens as a gift and then promptly knocked over her water! She won’t forget me this time! haha!

It was great being on the BritMums team and helping to make bloggers’ dreams come true at the BiB awards (Brilliance in Blogging awards) as I was in charge of ensuring that Jen got the correct trophy to hand to the winner of each category along with something bubbly. I was all glitzed up for the awards in my fancy lace dress – looking fairly posh, but what you wouldn’t have seen is that just 10 minutes before the BiBs started I was on my hands and knees crawling along the front of the stage on all fours, moving the heavy wine boxes to the central position for easier access during the ceremony!

Jen took this photo of me which she titled: ‘Dedication’!

Dedication - behind the scenes, BiBs 2016

Jen called this ‘Dedication!!” I can’t disagree!

It was an awesome event. I loved that I finally got myself onto a BritMums Round-up Editors team photo as in previous years when I was the Video Round-up Editor, I totally missed the photocall as I was too busy chatting elsewhere. The fact that I organised this one at least meant that I would make sure I was on it!

The lovely @britmums gang!!! #bml2016 #bml16

A photo posted by Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe (@hijackedbytwins) on

If you attended #BML16 what was your favourite part of the day? If you didn’t attend, do you think you might next year after reading all the bloggers’ posts and social shares from this year? Let me know in the comments!!

A selfie with the event behind me

A selfie taken from the stage with the event behind me!

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Comments to BritMums made me do it!

  • Aww, was a lovely day out, well done to you for all the effort and energy you put into it! Definitely worth a hug 🙂 See you again soon I hope x

    Steph Curtis 27th June 2016 6:46 pm Reply
    • Lovely to see you too Steph – you took a fab photo!! x

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:47 am Reply
  • Oh Nadine what an amazing event, you, Jen and Susanna are so passionate and it’s just so slick but welcoming and wonderful and you made my year/life that night. I just wish we’d gotten a chance to hang out more. Let’s meet up for a celebratory lunch in Leeds my shout soon OK. You looked gorge by the way and you straddling me was my highlight last year!!! xx

    Honest mum 27th June 2016 6:51 pm Reply
    • haha you make me laugh Vicki! You did so well with the awards – and I’m glad you had such a positive event!! See you soon in Leeds! x

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:47 am Reply
  • Super event! Thank you! I felt much more relaxed and enjoyed it more this year as it was my second time around. I chatted to so many more people this year! Missed the Carol Smilie photo though 🙁 Boo! xx 27th June 2016 7:41 pm Reply
    • I think sometimes you need to relax into it and that is easier when you know roughly what to expect! I’m glad you enjoyed your second one and hope to see you next year! x

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:46 am Reply
  • Nadine, you are such a star! Love these pics and your commentary about the day. Plus, you can never go wrong in leopard print. x

    Jennifer Howze 27th June 2016 8:11 pm Reply
    • Thanks Jen! I do rock a bit of leopard print!! LOL x

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:45 am Reply
  • aww mrs it was so blooming lovely to see you this weekend .. i love a good snog 🙂

    Jaime Oliver 27th June 2016 8:43 pm Reply
    • I love a good snog too!! hehe

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:45 am Reply
  • Sounds like a brilliant day and I am definitely going to put Britmums on my list to do next year. You all work so hard to pull off such a successful event x

    Louise 27th June 2016 10:20 pm Reply
  • No need to ask if you love BML then 😉 You look fabulous and I can tell you had a good time despite all your hard work and ‘dedication’ x

    Anne 27th June 2016 10:54 pm Reply
    • haha that ‘dedication’ photo is so funny!!!

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:44 am Reply
  • Looks like another great BML! This was the first year I haven’t attended, but it was my little man’s birthday party so that steered the course of my day this year! I intend to be right back among you all next year! xx

    Laura Elizabeth 28th June 2016 11:35 am Reply
    • Ooh – hope you are!!

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:44 am Reply
  • Your post sounds really exciting, I can just imagine you getting all smiley as you’re typing it. Sadly that isn’t what I have read on a lot of posts. I couldn’t make it this year and was very grumpy about that fact but fingers crossed I shall be there next year 🙂

    Sabina @MummyMatters 28th June 2016 12:13 pm Reply
    • Would be great to see you next year then you can judge for yourself what you think of the event. I found it a really uplifting experience, and it was fab to meet so many new bloggers!

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:44 am Reply
  • Was so lovely to see you again sweetie. You super busy lady

    Clare Nicholas 28th June 2016 5:49 pm Reply
    • Ah – you too!!

      Nadine Hill 29th June 2016 9:42 am Reply
  • Aw it looks like you had a great day and it sounds like it was a huge success from the reports I’ve heard x

    Cass@frugalfamily 29th June 2016 8:59 am Reply
  • Not quite sure how anyone can forget you Nadine! Even Carole Smilie…

    Clare @ Maybush Studio 29th June 2016 12:57 pm Reply
  • It was lovely to see you and you, Jen and Susanna did an amazing job. I am looking forward to seeing you next with cocktails in our hands

    Kara Guppy 29th June 2016 2:06 pm Reply
  • Lovely to see you again Nadine. You always looked like you were having a ball, and I really enjoyed it despite the shorter time than previous years. Love the photos – I never seem to have any of people, even though I say each year I’ll try harder!

    Emma T 4th July 2016 9:46 pm Reply
    • Ah – thank you hun! I’m so glad you enjoyed it all and let’s make a date… I’ll be in one of your people photos next year!!

      Nadine Hill 5th July 2016 9:24 am Reply
  • Awww you are such a superstar! I thought BML was amazing! It must have been really hard work but you always looked like you were having such fun. It was fab to meet you 🙂 xx

    Emma @ Island Living 365 8th July 2016 5:20 pm Reply
    • Lovely to meet you too Emma and well done on your BiB award! Hope to see you again next year! x

      Nadine Hill 11th July 2016 8:09 am Reply

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