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Businessmum: What’s on my desk? #MyDeskStory

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This week I needed to have a desk clean up!

I have many projects on the go at any time and whilst I usually try to stay as tidy as possible, this time the ‘stuff’ on my desk was getting out of hand! I love my desk at home in the conservatory. It is where I have worked from for the past 4 years since my last office makeover. Prior to that I was situated in my barn – the outbuilding in my garden, but I prefer to be in the main house so I can juggle housekeeping with my business!

I shared my most recent tidy up on Instagram after getting my desk organised and sorted again!

Our desks are our territory at work aren’t they? My sister-in-law has recently taken on a new job and has found that she has to ‘hot desk’ – so every day she has to find a new desk and set it up for a day’s work, then pack it all away again at the end of the day. I confess this would drive me mad! I like having my files and stationery where I need them. Everything has its place and I know where to find everything.

Office furniture company Furniture At Work has recently created an infographic to share information about desks around the world! From Hong Kong to Italy and in between, home workers across the globe have shared their stories, search the hashtag #MyDeskStory for more details.
Around-the-world-in-nine-desks (5) (1)

Do you work from home? If so – how tidy do you keep your desk? Let me know in the comments!

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