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Career Clinic: A Career in Engineering?

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In this JuggleMum series ‘Career Clinic’, we look at what you need to know for a successful career in engineering. Career Clinic aims to highlight different professions and let you know what to expect! This time, it’s about encouraging your child to consider a career in engineering.

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The Skinny:
Choosing a career path that’s going to provide job fulfilment is difficult for the younger generation. There are so many choices and children are often misinformed about the potential opportunities. Given the demand for graduates with an engineering degree, there’s never been a better time to pursue a career in this sector. You can help encourage your children to embark on an engineering degree with this simple guide.

Enrol in a course
A great way for your children to understand the world of engineering and establish whether they could enjoy a career is to enrol in a part-time or summer course. These are held throughout the country and you’ll be able to find the closest one by researching online. They often cater to young people and usually focus on one specific area of engineering such as train design. Some courses may also include presentations from guest speakers or trips to museums or landmarks. It’s terrific inspiration and is the perfect first step for a career in this field.

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Arrange a work placement
There’s an endless choice of stimulating work placements for young adults and students who wish to learn more in the practical work environment. These can be found online with many placement websites offering a selection of different industry sectors. For older students, there may also be the opportunity to travel abroad. Although these placements usually involve a limited responsibility level, they provide an insight into the role requirements and allow budding engineers to gain some practical work experience.

Visit a STEM fair
Attending a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fair is an opportunity to network with professional bodies and recruiters. Even if your child isn’t looking for work, they can still acquire invaluable knowledge about engineering. Many include interactive talks where you can ask questions regarding education requirements for their chosen sector or get advice on landing the best role. There are also education exhibits where you can compare institutes and find a college of engineering to suit all their needs.

Get them excited
Following the above steps is an easy way to get your kids excited about a career in engineering but you can encourage them further by discussing the possibilities and rewards. Research the lifestyle benefits which they can expect to enjoy including salary and perks. There’s also the opportunity to travel to many regions including the Middle East which has a big demand for these roles. This doesn’t just include oil and gas, there’s the 2022 Qatar World Cup and interesting projects in Dubai.

With so many opportunities, they’ll be spoilt for choice when finding their ideal career. Get them interested from an early age and they can look forward to an enjoyable and rewarding vocation.  To help them become a top student, use these tips!

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Comments to Career Clinic: A Career in Engineering?

  • I think I might have a budding engineer on our hands. We try to take him to places that have that sort of bias so he can find out more.

    Erica Price 14th October 2015 1:40 pm Reply
    • Great idea!

      Nadine Hill 14th October 2015 8:42 pm Reply
  • My son loves finding out who things work and why we need them etc so I can see him being an engineer when older

    angela hamilton 14th October 2015 2:41 pm Reply
    • It’s nice that you can see a potential career there. I can envisage what my children may become due to their current interests but only time will tell!

      Nadine Hill 14th October 2015 8:39 pm Reply
  • My son wanted to do engineering but at the moment has fallen into retail – I do hope he gets to follow his dream though

    Kara 15th October 2015 6:58 am Reply
    • Me too Kara.

      Nadine Hill 16th October 2015 10:15 am Reply
  • This is excellent advice. It’s really important to show kids that there’s a whole world of career options on offer.

    Mums do travel 15th October 2015 7:24 pm Reply

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