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Career Clinic: A Career in HR

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A career in HR

In the first of this new JuggleMum series ‘Career Clinic’, we look at what you need to know for a successful career in HR. Mums who are returning to work may be looking for a career change, so ‘Career Clinic’ aims to highlight different professions and let you know what to expect!

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A career in HR

The Skinny:
Human resource professionals are responsible for overseeing the leadership and culture of a company. They play a crucial role in training, rewarding employees, dealing with assessments and making sure that the organisation complies with labour and employment laws. If you have thought about pursuing a career in human resource, you need to be aware the ins and outs of what it takes to survive in this competitive and ever-changing profession.

There should be effective communication:
It is amazing the number of bright human resource personnel that come up with great programs but when it comes to communicating what they mean, the idea falls flat on its face. Keep things simple and clear in order to make yourself understood.

Another factor that you need to keep in mind is the sequence of communication – whether you will communicate to top managers first and then the employees. Knowing who you are going to address prior to working out what you’re going to say will impact greatly upon the tone of the message.

You need to constantly seek to learn:
You do not have to be aware of everything, but being knowledgeable about all departments of the institution will make your daily interactions and tasks go smoothly. Modern HR software is taking over a lot of the more menial day-to-day chores of HR, but you still need to know how it operates. CIPHR HR software is a great place to start as they are one of the industry’s leading suppliers.

There is no template answer, be flexible:
It is necessary to know exactly how to offer regularity with customisation. There is no reply that always exists as it will depend upon the circumstances in which the question is asked. It is therefore crucial to look at the situation and make out what is important so that you do not digress. You cannot customise one approach that will always suit another.

Always be prepared for the unexpected:
Thinking of a challenge that might arise from nowhere can be hard but, for you to succeed in HR, you have to devote some time to preparing yourself for this possibility.

Do not feel like you have to be a professional in everything:
The worst thing that one can do is to feel like you have to give a response which you are not sure of. However, you need to think before you speak. Smart professionals think through situations before making hasty judgements and doings things that they might end up regretting at a later date.

It is mandatory to be courageous as HR is not a profession for wimps:
If you want to move up into management within this industry, you should be willing to take positions that are not popular with your friends or your boss. Make your point known, but be tactful – no one likes to be walked over.

What qualifications do I need?
In terms of education, you should get masters in human resource management and then look for work at a company that has a formal HR department. There are a lot of firms out there that will invest the company’s money in new personnel. This is a valuable career launching opportunity for a newbie.
You can also choose to work at a startup company which might be smaller although it is more difficult. These firms might not have the necessary resources and structure needed. If you end up in a company that does not have a formal development program, you can work with your employer to create one that is a good fit for both you and the company.

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