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Career Ideas Based On Your Character Traits & Talents

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Juggling your responsibilities as a mother can be exhausting. On top of looking after the family and the house, you have to look after your finances. You might have a partner who helps by working, but many modern-day mums want or need careers too. It’s about covering your costs but also gaining financial independence. Here are some career ideas for mums based on your character traits and talents. After all, a job should reflect your personality.


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Teaching is the perfect career for a mother who wants a career that offers plenty of opportunities for personal growth as well as the growth of others. So, if you’re a caring person who is also driven to succeed on an individual level then teaching might be the perfect career opportunity for you. After all, you’d be able to take the same holidays as your children. As a mum, it’s probably a relief to know that you could look after your kids whilst they’re off school without having to hire a babysitter; plus, it would be nice to spend more time with them.

Of course, you should also want to teach for the pleasure of the job itself. It’s not simply a career you should chase if you want the benefit of half-term holidays and long summer breaks. You need to be passionate about the idea of passing on knowledge to a younger generation of students. And the beauty of teaching is that it suits people of all academic backgrounds. You can teach in the subject that suits your talents and qualifications. There are so many doors of opportunity when it comes to a career path in the educational system. You might even want to consider private tutoring if that fits into your schedule more effectively.

Fitness guru.
Maybe you’re a little health-obsessed. Even if you don’t have time to spend hours at the gym, given your responsibilities as a mother, most parents take healthcare seriously. Once you have children, you start to take your own wellbeing seriously and focus on maintaining the wellbeing of your little ones. Why not put this to good use in terms of your working life? You could check out this Origym post on putting together a good CV if you’d be interested in pursuing a career related to personal training. Not only would you be paid to teach others how to stay fit and healthy (assuming you knew your stuff) but this would also encourage you to stay in good shape.

Dog walker.
If you’re more interested in the type of job that could fit into your existing daily routine then you might want to become a dog walker. It’s the ideal job for a mum who loves animals and strolls in picturesque parks. It might be more of a part-time job if you have a lot of daily responsibilities, but it could be a great way to earn some money in your spare time. You’d essentially get paid for doing something you love. You could even extend your services to dogsitting if you’re interested in the animal aspect rather than the walking aspect of the job role. The point is that there are plenty of ways to make a good living from relaxing part-time jobs. If you have free time then that’s very valuable to people who are busy on weekdays.

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