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Cars of the future

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lens ball & carwash

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We are currently doing some home improvements, mainly outside in the front garden, where we are demolishing the existing old, crumbly garden wall and erecting a new one, plus getting rid of the small patch of grass that we never use, and levelling the driveway to create more room to park.

These improvements will also allow us to bury the cable for our electric car charging port that we had installed several years ago when I did a review for this blog on a new model electric car. The company who loaned us the car also installed a charging point at home but the electrical cable that needed to run from the charging box to the house feed, had to be mounted on the outside of the house – it looked pretty ugly if I’m honest, but it was what needed to be done. At least now we are digging up the ground anyway so we can bury the cable out of sight!

close up of electric car charging station

It got me thinking, what will cars of the future be like? I already think it is incredible that there are cars out there that can reverse park themselves! I was watching a TV show the other day about robotics and how American truck drivers may be forced out of work by haulage companies using driver free technology to transport lorries across the country – robotics will be driving, rather than using humans and their inevitable potential for human error.

Our cars are becoming more digital and less mechanical, and it really is amazing the developments in motor vehicles in recent years, but for us – the car owner, maybe not very technologically aware, it can be tricky if something ever goes wrong with our cars. We are more and more dependent on highly skilled car technicians to tell us what is wrong with the car and how they can fix it. Potentially some of the power is being taken out of our hands, as we have less overall knowledge, so how will we know if we are being charged for unnecessary work, just to bump up the bill?

lens ball & carwash

In my car at the carwash with my crystal ball!

One way we can reclaim some of the power back is to get our own car diagnostic tool. This way at least when we go into the garage, we have some idea of what is wrong with the vehicle. Companies like Scan Tool Centre sell scanners that can read the data from your car very quickly and you can pair it with your Bluetooth Android devices too.

Personally I’ve only just bought a car with a rear view reversing camera, which to me is amazing and I love using it to check I’m in a parking space correctly, but to some people, it’s old news! I think it will be a while until I get a car diagnostic tool myself but as with all cars of the future – the future will be here before we know it and it’s good to see that technological advances are being made.

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