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Christmas gift guide for those that love golf

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Golfing in winter in the UK may only be for the hardiest of golfers but that doesn’t mean to say they need to feel left out at Christmas time. There are lots of ways you can show the golfer in your life that you know how much it means to them and we’ve gathered together some of the best ideas to save you hours of endless trawling for inspiration for presents this yuletide.


1. A waterproof jacket
Winter golfing can be a miserable affair with wind and rain doing their best to put you off even venturing out of the clubhouse. Luckily Galvin Green clothing for Golfers combines functionally with designer looks meaning there’s nothing to hamper your game.


Traditionally cut jackets and coats might keep you warm and dry between holes but can seriously impair your stoke. The Galvin Green Waterproof Jacket is cut with golfers in mind so it won’t slow your swing and the rubberised cuffs won’t let the rain in – even as you follow through. The Gore-Tex and C-knit fabric ensure the rest of you stays bone dry – at least on the outside! See Golf Poser for the full range.

2. Shoes
Your feet take a lot of strain when walking around the course – they can walk a good 5 or 6 miles over the whole 18 holes – so it’s important that they are well shod. A good golf shoe is waterproof, comfortable, spiked for traction in muddy conditions – and looks good too! There is a vast range to choose from nowadays from the traditional styling of the Hugo Boss Golfpro Brogue to the more trainer like Puma Titantour Ignite Hitops which have the advantage of keeping your ankles dry as well!

3. Headcovers
It’s not just you that needs protecting from the elements – your clubs will appreciate it as well. Headcovers are more than just a statement – they protect delicate graphite shafts from damage as the clubs rattle against each other and prevent damage from wind and rain.

Headcovers come in a wide range of designs from the novelty (who wouldn’t like Santa peeking out of their bag at this time of year) to the more serious ones from well-known names such as Hugo Boss (they can even co-ordinate with their line of bags).

4. A Rangefinder
We’re not all blessed with the ability to look at a pin and know that it is 47 yards away. Technology levels the playing field with a laser rangefinder that can accurately report the distance to any feature with only half a yard error. Features such as feedback to indicate when it has located the flag (or tree) that you are aiming for and switchable displays to cope with both sunny and dull conditions are also available. Other things to look out for are rubberised grips, how big it can magnify the objective, mounts for golf carts and waterproof rating.

Galvin Green BECK Leather Fleece gloves in their AW17
5. Gloves
You can’t put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm and if your fingers get cold then you’re going to run into trouble simply grasping your club tightly enough. A pair of winter gloving gloves not only helps to cushion and protect your hands from the club but it also keeps them toasty warm. Our top recommendation is to look for lined leather gloves such as the Galvin Green BECK Leather Fleece gloves in their AW17 collection. The leather palm gives you the feel and grip you need to keep at the top of your game whilst the fleece backing will stop your fingers from freezing. Lined with WindStopper they won’t succumb to a biting easterly either (even if you’re blaming the wind on your high score).

set of Honma Tour clubs
6. Clubs
This can be a bit of a tricky one as clubs are a very personal thing. Of course, if money is no object you could pay to get a set of Honma Tour clubs with titanium heads and carbon shafts – customised to the precise requirements of the player naturally.

You can still get a custom set for a lot less than Honma charge at the top of their range however. £500 could just about do it if your golf fanatic isn’t too fussy about brands. Of course, if your golf gift is to a golfer that’s just starting out on their journey then a decent off-the-shelf set could give them the opportunity to experiment a little with what does and doesn’t work for them.

7. Balls
Knowing your ball from your partners is an essential part of the game so personalised balls are always a good stocking filler for any golfer. Be careful to go to a reputable golf shop to purchase them – the three-for-a-fiver affairs that are sold in general gift emporiums may well be low quality balls that will do nothing to improve your game – even if they do make it easier to find in the rough.

If you know what sort of balls your golfer already plays with then it is worth taking one along to the shop and asking them if it’s possible to buy a personalised version of them, or failing that if they can recommend a similar ball that can be personalised.

One final word of warning – it might not be the owner of the balls that reads the text on them so it’s best to avoid personalisation along the lines of “To snuggle bunny from sweetie lips”. Especially if he’s likely to be out playing a round with his boss at any time.

8. Gift Voucher
Still can’t decide? Not sure what size or colour to buy? Or do you have to buy for a fussy golfer who likes his or her equipment to be just so? A golfing gift voucher could be the answer allowing the recipient to buy whatever they need – or desire – themselves meaning you can’t possibly get it wrong! It’s also possible to buy gift vouchers valid for a round of golf at various courses such as Dale Hill Old Course and Dalmahoy in Edinburgh.

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