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Christmas Snack Hacks with Primula

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As you read this I’m jingling bells and enjoying the run up to Christmas and the family time we’ll share together (literally – I have some bells on my desk!) So I couldn’t wait to reveal to you a few Christmas snack hacks that I did this week to help provide some snacking inspiration for the whole festive season!

Kids love the Christmas build up so what better way to join in the fun with them than making some cute Christmas sandwiches!

Christmas sandwiches

Christmas sandwiches

To make these bite sized sandwiches, you need:

  • White bread
  • Primula cheese of choice (I used the Cheese with Chives and also Original Cheese tubes)
  • Chives – finely chopped
  • Red chillies – finely chopped
  • Cucumber – cut into ribbons
  • Pomegranate seed (optional)
  • One large and one small circle cutter or other Christmas shape.  I used a tree for the open sandwich and a star for the small sandwich
  • For each sandwich, lightly toast two slices of bread.  Cut out one sandwich base with your largest cutter, then spread Primula cheese on the slice and sprinkle with your topping.  With your second piece of bread, cut out the same large shape then a smaller shape within it.  Place the smaller shape over the larger shape to form the sandwich with a ‘cut out’ effect. For the open tree sandwich, I piped Primula Cheese with Chives straight from the tubs, in a zig-zag style from the bottom up, directly onto the tree shape. I topped this off with a pomegranate seed as the tree star!

    Christmas trees
    Christmas trees

    Christmas trees are easy and effective. Here’s how to make them.

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 dessertspoon lemon juice
  • 70g (approx half a tube) of Primula Cheese with Prawns
  • Pitta bread – toasted
  • Twiglets
  • One red chilli – finely chopped
  • A few pomegranate seeds (optional)
  • Peel and chop the avocado and place in a mixing bowl with the lemon juice and Primula Cheese with Prawns. Use a fork to mash up the bowl contents, ensuring it is fully mixed and smooth. Then cut the toasted pitta into triangles. This is done by first cutting in half then slicing from the bottom edge to the top centre at both sides to form a triangle. You will get two triangles out of each pitta bread. Then, spread the avocado mixture into each triangle, sprinkle with the chopped chilli, place a Twiglet at the bottom to be the tree base and a pomegranate seed at the top!

    Tomato pops
    tomato pops
    Everyone will love these easy finger foods and they are really simple:

  • Small Italian red ripe tomatoes
  • Primula cheese of choice (I used Light Cheese to make this recipe slimming!)
  • Chives – finely chopped
  • Wooden skewers
  • With a sharp knife, cut a lid off the tomatoes – not the stalk end!! Then with a small sharp knife cut the core out of each tomato and scrape out the seeds. Drain upside down on kitchen roll. Then, insert a wooden skewer into the stalk end and place in a jar to hold. Pipe Primula cheese into each tomato then sprinkle with chopped chives. Easy!

    Glamorous fig starter
    This more ‘grown up’ Primula treat has some luxe ingredients. You’ll need:

  • 4 ripe, fresh figs
  • Primula cheese of choice (I used Primula Cheese with Ham)
  • 4 slices of parma ham
  • Pistachio nuts, finely chopped
  • Runny honey
  • With a sharp knife cut a cross into the top of each fig, cutting two thirds of the way down and opening each fig up slightly. Pipe Primula cheese into the centre of each fig, place on the serving plate and surround each base with parma ham. Sprinkle with the chopped nuts before drizzling with runny honey and serve!

    For a more hearty Primula treat…

    Mac & Cheese!
    Mac & cheese

    After making all the Christmas snacks I was hungry so I whipped up a quick mac & cheese by cooking my macaroni pasta according to the packet instructions, drain and place in a bowl, then squirt on some Primula cheese straight from the tube! Mix in with the pasta and enjoy.

    These are the Christmas Primula tubes I used in these recipes!
    Christmas Primula hero shot

    I hope you have a few fun ideas for Christmas entertaining now and I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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    Comments to Christmas Snack Hacks with Primula

    • Ooh these all look wonderful Nadine. Making me quite hungry in fact although we are approaching lunchtime (kind of!) so I guess that’s allowed! Sounds like you had lots of fun making these, I think I’d be eating while making 🙂

      Charly Dove 14th December 2015 11:54 am Reply
      • It was hard to stop myself but I had to remind myself that they needed photographing!!! That stopped the nibbles:-)

        Nadine Hill 14th December 2015 1:11 pm Reply
    • I love the christmas trees. We have a party for the kids on Christmas Eve and these would be perfect.

      Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) 14th December 2015 5:10 pm Reply
    • Mmm the figs and parma ham look amazing. My mum used to think she was posh squeezing some on some celery LOL

      Liz Burton 14th December 2015 5:36 pm Reply
    • I must put some Primula on my Christmas grocery list. I haven’t had any in ages but it is good for evening snacks that we like to have at Christmas.

      Ness @ JibberJabberUK 14th December 2015 11:02 pm Reply
    • Yum yum, they look amazing. Happy Christmas Nadine xx

      Mari 15th December 2015 9:11 pm Reply
      • Happy Christmas to you too! x

        Nadine Hill 19th December 2015 7:42 am Reply
    • They are so cute! I think I’d end up eating them while making lol

      Abi - Angel Eden Blog 16th December 2015 11:39 am Reply
    • These all look great – you’re very inventive!

      Mums do travel 16th December 2015 7:46 pm Reply
      • haha thanks! But I did follow a recipe from Primula – busted!!

        Nadine Hill 19th December 2015 7:42 am Reply
    • Those tomato pop are an awesome idea! Will have to give them a try 🙂

      Kate Williams 19th December 2015 7:47 am Reply
    • Ooh these look lovely. I really like this time of year for great food like this, snacking and wrapping – perfect!

      Globalmouse 19th December 2015 11:08 pm Reply
    • These all look so great – I used to love Primula as a teen – having it on toast when I came in from school! I haven’t had it for ages – I like the look of it with pasta. Kaz x

      Ickle Pickle 22nd December 2015 6:54 pm Reply
      • Ah! The post- school snack! You’ll have to try it again for old times!

        Nadine Hill 22nd December 2015 7:31 pm Reply
    • Oh these look great. I do love a bit of primula!

      Kara 23rd December 2015 8:08 am Reply

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