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Day and light!

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If there is one thing that all homes can benefit from, it is buckets of natural light. Natural light opens up a space, making it appear bigger and more welcoming. A lot of homeowners mistakenly believe that this is something their property either has or doesn’t have. Unless you start knocking down walls, there is nothing you can do about the amount of natural light that enters your home, right? Wrong! There are many different ways you can add more light to your property, so let’s take a look at some suggestions…

Consider your window and door options carefully
Naturally, there is only one place to begin, and this is with the doors and windows you have around your home. Bifold and French doors by James Oliver provide a good example of the sort of doors you should be looking for. Bifold doors seamlessly blend in and outdoor living spaces. Their glazed glass units and slim profiles provide the perfect combination for excess light. If you are looking for a more fancy feel without sacrificing light, French doors are a good choice. In terms of windows, bay and bow windows should certainly be considered, as they provide 180-degree light entry.

Trim bushes and trees that get in the way of natural light
Another step you should take when letting more light into your home is cutting back any trees and bushes that are blocking the amount of light that is able to get into your property. This does not take a lot of time, and it certainly won’t cost a lot of money, but it will have the desired impact.

Invest in a roof lantern
There is no denying that this is the most effective way to add more natural light to your property. By replacing a part of the roof with glass, you allow plenty of natural light to seep into the room and make it more comfortable. Not only this, but you can sit and watch the stars at night. What could be better?

Dot mirrors around your property
You do not need to go through a massive renovation job in order to make it appear like there is much more natural light in your home. Instead, you can be strategic with your use and placement of mirrors. As mirrors feature a reflective surface, the light will bounce off it and back into the room. It’s like magic! If you place a mirror directly opposite the window, it should have the desired effect.

So there you have it: there are a number of different ways that you can add more light to your home. If you take note of the ideas that have been presented above, you can make sure that your property looks big and welcoming. It is amazing what a strategically placed mirror can do in terms of opening up a room and making it appear more spacious.

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