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Ditch 3 Luxuries: What Would They Be?

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One Million Dollars

Luxuries are often thought to be things like fur coats, diamonds and slap up meals at fancy restaurants driven there in a fast car. But I disagree. I could easily do without any of those things.

I think that luxuries are those little extras that we have in our daily lives that make us smile. The things that maybe make our lives easier or have no other purpose but to bring contentment. It wouldn’t be as easy to ditch some of those.

I’m thinking about luxuries as a new campaign run by Legal & General aims to raise awareness that most of us don’t realise just how quickly money could run out if anything happened to us or our partners as a result of long term sickness, injury, a critical illness or if the main breadwinner died. It’s not something that we usually plan for, so to help people think about this subject, they are asking ‘which 3 luxuries could you live without?’ They have even created a ‘deadline to breadline’ calculator so you can work out how long you’d have before the money run out and help you plan for it now.

I found it quite hard to choose (I think this is the point!) But I’d have to say firstly that I’d have to stop buying books on Amazon. This is a little luxury that I like to indulge in, a business book filled with ideas or a novel to escape into. I’m reading a fantastic book at the moment that I can’t wait to get to bed tonight to finish, but that particular luxury cost me £6.02 in the Kindle store, and I could probably have gotten some life cover for that amount.

One Million Dollars

What if you didn’t have a spare million?

My other luxuries that I’d have to ditch if circumstances dictated, would be getting my nails done at the salon. I’d have to go back to the olden days of nail polish that chips after 24 hours and reapplying every other day. Thought of like this, my gel nails are a real time saver!

My last luxury to ditch is tricky. Do I consider the tumble dryer to be a luxury or a necessity? What about online shopping? Does that delivery charge count as a luxury or am I saving money by not driving there myself? I think the last luxury to go would be the gym membership. Running outside is free and I can ‘pay as you go’ for a local Zumba class.

What would your 3 luxuries to ditch be? Let me know in the comments below.

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