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Do the Dirty in 30! Checklist for a Spring Clean

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AO Dirty 30 Challenge

The Spring clean is upon us and I have been challenged by retailer AO to follow their ‘Dirty 30′ plan to get it done. 30 jobs, 30 minutes, 30 days to a sparkling home! They have provided a helpful checklist for a spring clean.

AO Dirty 30 Challenge Photo Credit: AO Life

AO sent me a box of cleaning products and things like a sheet of tin foil and some newspaper because these are some of the materials that I’ll need to do each task! This box has sat on my desk for 2 weeks whilst I’ve been putting off the inevitable, because I had a mountain of other stuff to do first, but now it is the turn of the cleaning supplies and ‘Operation Clean Home!’

spring clean checklist

The 30 days checklist allows you to follow the challenge yourself. You can see that each day has a job to do but I tend to do things my own way so typically I have started at day eighteen, rather than one!

The first job I did was to defrost the freezer. All I have to say about that is OMG! It required a little pre-planning as I had to use up the frozen food that was still within date, but my freezer wasn’t very full because I’d been having problems with it and now I know why…

freezer damagefreezer damage

When the food was removed and I could actually see what was happening ‘behind the scenes’, I found this large burn hole in the back of the freezer. It is a large American style fridge freezer and typically out of warranty so I called an engineer out for a repair. He told me that the cooling element at the back had somehow overheated and burned through the cover. Now I know why my ice cream didn’t last 5 minutes! The gap meant that warm air was being blown into the freezer! Thankfully we eat more fresh food than frozen so there were no dodgy episodes of food poisoning, but what a close call.

So at least one task is off my list – and shopping for a new freezer is on it! I’ve also been decluttering lately too. This isn’t on the ‘Dirty 30′ list but if I’m going to Spring clean then I also need to shed any excess. With kids there are always clothes they’ve outgrown and toys they no longer play with. I have bagged and boxed up plenty for the charity shop and already the house feels ‘cleaner’.

Now the real challenge can start. I have 30 days, 30 jobs and 30 minutes per day to a clean home. I will be working my way though this spring clean checklist and getting my house in order! Come back next month to find out what happened…

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  • Oh I really need to do something like this and get organised! My house definitely needs a ‘spring clean’

    Fozia S 3rd October 2016 9:06 pm Reply
  • Love this post, I really need to organise my whole life 😉

    Sonia 4th October 2016 8:17 pm Reply

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