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Don’t Let Your Tech Problems Slow Your Business Down

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You’ve got your own business, and you’re very happy with your independent and self driven career. Whether you’re a freelancer getting comfortable in your niche, or you’ve innovated a product that’s proving some new things to the world, you’re standing on your own two feet and making a profit, and you’re showing the world just how capable you are at doing it.

But then comes the morning where you walk into the office and your computer needs to go through a couple hours worth of updates. And that loses you a couple of hours of making connections, talking to customers, refining the website, writing quality content for the business blog, and ultimately, starts your day off a lot later than usual.

Of course, you can use your phone to try and get ahead, but a lot of us rely on our computers to get the work done. Even when you’re travelling and working, a laptop is key to keeping on top of your career!

tech startup business career computer

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A Lot of Us Have Backup Disasters
If you’re good at what you do, you make sure you keep copies. You make sure there’s a paper trail to follow in case of an accident, and you’re always updating the back up of files on both your phone and your computer.

But that doesn’t mean you’re always able to avoid backup disasters. Say your iPhone has just updated after months of using an old OS, or you’ve staved off the major OS updates your Apple Mac needs to go through. There’s a good chance that once you do update, a lot of your software and your files won’t be compatible. They’ll be hard to access, and even harder to recover, and you can lose a couple of days of business as you try to sort the problem out.

So, at the end of each working day, it’s important for you to check for updates on your systems and go through them as they come. Similarly, try to use some kind of cloud storage, or a Google Drive, instead of relying solely on your system storage. And make sure you know how to create a new ID; something like create Apple account – Setapp can walk you through on how.

Always Look for a Cause
If your computer is going through some technological troubles, make sure you address the cause of the troubles, and not just the symptoms. Your computer is slow, yes, and you can clear out your temporary and duplicate files for a quick solution. But there’s a good chance your computer is going to slow right down again in a couple days time – this is all because you need to get down to the root of the problem.

Is there an application that’s duplicating its files over and over? Do you have a virus, maybe? Are you overloading your storage? Maybe you need to install an SSD? Go through your system and have a look.

Don’t let your business down; you can solve those tech issues!

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