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Easter Eggs and Beyond: Ways to Enjoy Easter

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There are so many holidays throughout the year, and most of them are religious. After all, Christmas isn’t really about tinsel and gifts and Easter isn’t about chocolate Easter eggs is it?

happy easter flower spring

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But with Easter right around the corner, it’s important to remember that this is a holiday for everyone. So, alongside the delicious Easter eggs that you’ll definitely want, or eggs that are a little different for those who aren’t quite into chocolate, get thinking about what else you could do on this fabulous day (which falls on a four-day weekend of course).

If you’re still struggling, here’s a few ideas to help you out.

A Friendly Morning
Why not catch-up with some friends? In fact, as it’s Easter Sunday, you don’t even need to leave the house. Instead, get all those delicious breakfast foods in and cook up a storm for you and your mates, while sitting back and having a good catch-up. Just don’t forget the good coffee.

Boozy Brunch
Maybe you don’t want to stay in, in which case, call your friends and arrange to meet up for a boozy brunch. There are plenty of places you could go that’ll only be a stone’s throw away. After all, brunch is hugely popular at the moment. Just try to pace yourself.

Some Me Time
If you don’t want to see anyone at all, have some time to yourself. Wake up late, stay in your comfy clothes all day and treat yourself to a day-long pamper sessions. You can even catch up on your shows, reading or podcasts. Be sure to get all those relaxing essentials like candles, body oils and face masks in beforehand.

Get Away
With it being a four-day weekend, you could even get away for the duration of the Easter Bank Holiday. Whether it’s by yourself, with friends or your partner, there are plenty of European city breaks just waiting for you. From places dripping in culture to ones with more of a party atmosphere, the choice is all yours.

If you’re thinking you want to do something a little more meaningful with your bank holiday, why not do something for charity? There are so many places that need people to volunteer, and you’ll be able to find one. Or, if you want to go a step further, see what charity events are happening that you could raise some money for. You could even organise something yourself if you wanted.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. You could even make up your own tradition if you wanted. So, why don’t you get planning now, and make sure you have something to do to celebrate this religious holiday – even if you’re not religious yourself.

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