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Ever Brite lights are great for a caravan!

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Having seen the Ever Brite lights advertised on TV, I was keen to try one at our static caravan! These security lights are solar powered and they simply stick into place, so there is no lengthy installation, no mess, no trailing wires and ho hassle! This makes it perfect for a caravan (whether static or touring) because in a mobile home, you wouldn’t typically have access to tools which you might in your main residence. We were able to install two lights very easily by removing the sticky backing and positioning where we wanted them!

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We needed the lights at our caravan because where it is situated on the park, our doorway is not lit by the lighting on the main street. This means that when we arrive for a stay late at night, until we have opened the door and switched on the outside light, we are trying to see in darkness. It’s not always easy to get the key into the lock in dim light, and when you are carrying luggage too, and trying to negotiate a slippy deck if it has been raining, it’s all a lot harder in darkness.

To make the best use of these lights we positioned one on the gate post near our parking spot so we can see what we are doing when we are unloading the vehicle, and the other right next to the gate leading to the main door. This positioning provides light on the walkway towards the caravan and also illuminates the front door. Plus the best thing about these lights is that they are solar powered and switch themselves on and off, so we don’t have a ‘did I switch off the light’ panic when we are on the motorway on our ride home! As they stick to any surface and require no screws or complex electrical wirings, these lights are a brilliant way to illuminate those dark areas of your home, without having to locate the nearest socket!

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The thing about UK weather is that we sometimes get days of low light, but the solar panel can even charge in those conditions – it doesn’t have to be a bright, sunny day! Just one day of solar powered charging is enough to offer 12 hours of bright LED light, so you will never ‘run out’ of charge! Ever Brite will turn on whenever you come within 12 feet of the light and will switch back to standby mode when you leave, making it the ultimate in peace-of-mind lighting.

To install the light simply decide where you want to place it, remove the sticky backing and press on. That’s it – less than 2 minutes! The only thing you need to remember is to turn the on/off switch ‘on’ at the base of the unit then you can just leave it on all the time.

Ever Brite is available from JMLdirect.com for £19.99 each, and with no upkeep costs, you only pay for it once!

These lights are so handy, they can be used anywhere at home. Where would you use yours? Let me know in the comments!

We were provided with a sample of the Ever Brite light for the purpose of this review.

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  • Those do look useful. I think I could do with some of those for my shed.

    Erica Hughes 17th April 2018 5:08 pm Reply
  • Oooh, they look great. So many uses!!

    Emma 23rd April 2018 10:45 am Reply
  • These look so handy, I could think of a load of uses for them around the house and in the garage x x

    cass bailey 23rd April 2018 7:34 pm Reply
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    ClearWorld 11th March 2020 3:29 pm Reply
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    Purvi Singh 25th October 2021 8:36 am Reply

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