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Family holiday to Mexico

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We are back from an amazing holiday and now the kids are at school, all the laundry is done and we’ve managed to beat the jet lag to get back onto a UK time schedule, what we have left of our vacation are the memories and the photos! We went to Mexico at the end of August, returning September just before the terrible earthquake they have just endured along with that part of the world being hit by Hurricane Irma. So we are very grateful to have had a wonderful experience in Mexico but be back home safely. My thoughts and prayers are with those people affected by these natural disasters.

Mexico was beautiful – lush palm trees, glorious sunny weather for the most part – there were a few thunderstorms but these were over within 10 minutes, and the Moon Palace in Cancun where we stayed was an amazing hotel with 5 star service and all the facilities you’d look for from a family holiday. It was very relaxing and just what we needed.

I find that one of the ways we have a successful family holiday is to ensure that everyone within the family gets a bit of what they want and need from the break. For me, all I wanted was a sun lounger and a good book – I managed to read 10 books on the trip and discovered a couple of brilliant authors who I will check out when I’m planning my next family holiday, but for me, rest and relaxation are what I aspire to.

My eldest is a teenager and needs friends. Once she has made a friend or two when we are way, she’s happy to go to the waterpark with them, hangout at the ice cream parlour and connect to her pals on Snapchat so they can remain friends long after the holiday. She’s happiest with a group of people her age to bounce off and if she doesn’t find a new mate, she gets bored easily – even in paradise.

My son has a different personality. Happy in his own company he will play with his computer games and watch YouTube videos for entertainment. He also loves swimming so a good pool and often a waterpark on site is one of the things we look for when booking, and he adores animals. Doesn’t matter what – from cats to dolphins, racoons to sea lions, he saw them all in Mexico and thrived on learning about them and being with them.

One thing both my kids agree on is that they need entertainment to help the long journey pass and for this they each have a tablet. My daughter carries several books on hers, along with downloaded movies and TV shows which get her through the plane journey and lazy sun lounger days. My son is a gamer, enjoying many video games with his, along with taking photos and when he can get on the wifi, he loves to watch his heroes on YouTube. The Linx 8″ 32GB Wifi Tablet from AO is perfect for all this. It has a keyboard cover too so you can turn a tablet into a full laptop – ideal for keeping a holiday journal or emailing friends back home.

One of my hobbies is taking photos to help me remember our break and how beautiful it was. I try to stay away from social media as much as possible on holiday – so I can really ‘switch off’ but I couldn’t resist sharing a few snaps to Instagram.

To help you create some great photographic holiday memories, AO has produced some holiday photography tips which are very useful. I enjoy learning more about photography and framing a shot as well as technical tips and I can see how my photography has improved over the years. I’m still learning and trying to improve – I think it will be a lifelong endeavour! The link also contains a handy packing checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything when embarking on your travels.

It was an amazing holiday and we would definitely go back in the future. Before it gets too wintry in the UK we are busy selecting our 2018 family holiday, so we have something like this to look forward to when it’s cold and rainy at home!

This blog post is part of a series showing how we incorporate technology into our family life. In collaboration with AO.

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Comments to Family holiday to Mexico

  • Wow you did so well to read 10 books on holiday – that is definitely sign of a relaxing break. What a beautiful dolphin photo of you all. We were in Mexico at Easter and it is an amazing place.

    Louise Edwards 12th September 2017 12:58 pm Reply
    • Thanks Louise! I am now back to me ‘pre children’ holiday mode – now that my kids are older! I had many years when the kids were younger where I couldn’t finish a single magazine!! Mexico is indeed amazing! Thanks for commenting! x

      Nadine Hill 12th September 2017 12:59 pm Reply
  • It really does look like it was an amazing holiday. Swimming with those dolphins must have been awesome, lucky you. Mich x

    Michelle Twin Mum 12th September 2017 10:53 pm Reply
    • It was incredible – thanks! x

      Nadine Hill 20th September 2017 10:09 am Reply
  • Looks like a really special holiday. I do hope they recover quickly in Mexico from that earthquake. Swimming with dolphins looks amazing.

    Erica Price 13th September 2017 11:19 am Reply
    • My heart goes out to them – Mexico has had another earthquake today too.

      Nadine Hill 20th September 2017 10:10 am Reply
  • That sounds like an amazing holiday! We’re at the stage now where I can relax and chill on holiday like I could before the kids came along and I love it!

    Cass Bailey 13th September 2017 8:54 pm Reply
    • Yes me too. The kids are more independent now. x

      Nadine Hill 20th September 2017 10:11 am Reply
  • It looks amazing! We’re going travelling with the kids next year which is both exciting and super nerve wracking – not sure how my camera will cope with all the photos either!

    Kate Williams 14th September 2017 10:44 am Reply
    • I know – I love taking photos too!

      Nadine Hill 20th September 2017 10:11 am Reply
  • Looks like you had the most amazing holiday – swimming with dolphins is top of my bucket list and that Bob Marley looks delicious

    Kara 15th September 2017 8:34 am Reply
    • Delicious but very strong!!!

      Nadine Hill 20th September 2017 10:11 am Reply
  • That sounds a pretty fun, Great photos
    Best Regards

    Roy 19th July 2018 7:36 am Reply
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