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Finding the Perfect Baby Name

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During pregnancy, there’s a lot to think about and do. You’ll be writing lists of everything that you need and shopping for all manner of baby paraphernalia. You’ll be reading every baby book that you can get your hands on and planning for the birth. You should also be looking after yourself and taking the time to give your body what it needs. But, on top of all of this, there’s something else that you give a great deal of thought. Your babies name.

Some of us had names picked out when we were much younger, long before a baby was a realistic, or even wanted prospect. When you met your partner, you might have found yourself trying out some of your favourite names next to his. Even if the only time you’ve ever even considered naming was when your mom brought a new pet home when you were a kid, you might suddenly find that you’ve got some firm opinions on every name going.

Naming your child can feel like a huge responsibility. It’s up to you to choose the name that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. It will be the name that they put on job applications and introduce themselves to important people with. You want something that they will one day love, as well as something you can see yourself saying to your new addition. Many parents find it hard to come up with the perfect name. Even those that have always had names picked out can start to have doubts when the time comes. So, here are some tips to help you.


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Consult Your Partner
We assume that only women think about kids names before pregnancy. But, your partner might have some great ideas too. Make sure you ask for their thoughts and opinions.

Stick to Traditional Options
It can be so tempting to go modern or to try to come up with a rare and unusual name. There’s nothing wrong with this if there is a name that you absolutely love. But, don’t try to be modern for the sake of it. Your future child might not thank you the millionth time they have to explain their name. Look at old fashioned English names for boys, and consider a modern twist if you do want to freshen it up.

Think About Names with Meaning
Naming your child after a family member, or someone else that you love and admire is a beautiful way to honour them. Naming your child after someone that they might find a positive role model one day can also be an excellent idea.

Try Not to Think Too Much About Other People’s Names
Naming your child after someone that you admire or love, or someone that has meant something to you is great. But, try not to worry about any other names. It’s easy to find yourself saying things like “I like John, but I knew a John at school who wasn’t nice” or “I had a boyfriend called Liam when I was a teenager” You might worry that your child will remind you of these people. But, they won’t. As soon as your child has that name, they are the only person that you will associate with it. All past feelings towards it will be left behind.

If you thought like this, you could easily find someone you don’t like for every name going. Don’t worry too much if you like a name if the connotations aren’t great now; they soon will be.

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