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Four Things Guests Love About Weddings, And One Thing They Hate

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If you’re planning a wedding that you want people to remember, you know how important it is to look after your guests. After all, your big day isn’t just about you: it’s about the dozens, if not hundreds, of other people who will be a part of proceedings.


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In this article, we’re going to take a look at four things that guests love about weddings and one thing that they can’t stand.

Four Things Guests Love

#1: Being Invited To Both Wedding And Reception
For practical reasons, some couples decide that they don’t want everyone who attends the ceremony at the reception or vice versa. But though you might have the best intentions in the world for doing this, your guests might not see it that way. Guests want to feel as if they’re an important part of your life, no matter how you know them. They don’t want to feel as if there is a VIP group of people who are allowed to go to BOTH the ceremony and the reception, but they’re not.

Guests, therefore, love being invited to both. Most people you know want to see the first dance, enjoy good food and chat with other guests about life, work, and the universe.

#2: Being Greeted By The Newlyweds
Each person who turns up to a wedding wants some recognition of their presence, no matter how brief. Guests love it when the busy bride and groom take the time to speak with them and make them a personal part of their hectic schedule.

#3: Great Parking Facilities
The last thing that guests want when they turn up to your wedding is to deal with all the mundane yet stressful minutiae that dominate the rest of their lives. Parking is a great example. For once, guests would like to be able to park easily at the end of a long-drive, without having to circle around, looking for spaces off-site or having to pay hefty parking charges. Easy parking sets them up for the rest of the day.

#4: Great Music
The final thing that guests want is great music. When couples hire wedding bands that rock, guests can let their hair down and enjoy themselves. It may be the only chance that they get all year.

And One Thing Guests Hate …

There are all sorts of things that guests don’t like about weddings: cash bars, inadequate parking facilities, and insufficient toilets. But there’s one thing that most guests really dislike: loads of free time.

Free time takes the energy out of the day and leaves people at a loose end. Everybody is dressed up, but the whole day just feels like one long wait for things to happen.

Many couples will disappear for a 90-minute photo shoot, leaving guests to make their own entertainment before the wedding breakfast. The risk here is that your guests end up tipsy or worse – flat out drunk before the wedding breakfast! When people have to wait at a wedding they tend to go to the bar!

So, how will you plan your wedding? Will you do the things that guests love?

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  • to kill the time in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast a good magician is a lifesaver also lends to some great photos

    Richard 28th January 2020 1:07 pm Reply

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