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Getting Better Agile Project Results

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You will find plenty of agile project management training resources online, as well as numerous agile project management courses you can take, and advice and articles about implementation methodologies, education plans, and adoption patterns. However, all of this will be virtually worthless if you are not agile yourself and your team is not agile. If you do not have the correct mindset, and you simply implement the rules of agile project management, you will encounter a lot of hurdles and issues along the way. With this in mind, below we are going to take a look at the different attitudes that must be avoided if you are to implement this type of project management effectively.

business plan, meeting, office, work

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· Failure is a disaster – Getting over this mindset is often a lot easier said than done. After all, if we make a mistake, we are inclined to think that it is a disaster. With agile project management, changes can be made, and they are welcomed if it results in a better outcome. Because of this, failure needs to be viewed as a chance to strengthen your team and the end product. It is not something to be feared or dreaded. Failure is going to be part of the business process if you and your team are pushing yourselves to create something incredible.

· I can’t ask for help – A lot of people do not want to ask for help when they are struggling with something; they fear they will look bad. This approach will cause issues to escalate to the point where it is too late to fix them. Instead, it is your role to ensure teammates are open about any challenges they face. You also need help in the form of tools and software. Read this on what is Azure? And you will learn about one of the most popular project tools at the moment.

· If you don’t have a structure, you won’t be productive – With agile project management, you aren’t supposed to have everything organised to perfection. You are going to be working in short sprints, and parameters will be changing all of the time, so embrace the ‘chaos’ that comes with this. You will also capitalise on unexpected opportunities by embracing free form.

· I need to keep my ideas to myself so that I get credit for them – Naturally, people want credit for the ideas they have. All working environments are competitive, and no one wants to be overshadowed or for someone else to capitalise on their great idea. However, you need to actively share knowledge if you are to foster innovative thinking and genuine collaboration, and this is the only way your agile team is going to be successful. Remember, the overall goal is project success, not individual credit. Plus, you need to have faith that your hard work will not go unnoticed.

· The project ends once the product is delivered – This modern methodology embraces the fact that true work never ends. This is because things are changing all of the time. Your team should continually evaluate what they do and what they have done in the past. This is the only way you are going to spot opportunities to improve and to be better next time around.

· This task will get done better if I do it myself – A lot of people are reluctant to working with others because they believe they can get the job done better if they do it themselves. However, collaboration is the foundation of agile project management. You can’t operate a team whereby everyone works independently.

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