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Getting your work wardrobe ready for spring

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It’s time to take off that thermal underwear and strip off the heavy jackets, it’s finally spring! As we finally get some sun and start to enjoy the warmer weather (thank god), it’s time to start thinking about changing your outfits for this new season. Since you’ll be sure to be spending a lot of time at work, I’m here to help with a few ideas for things to try and incorporate into your work outfit this spring.

Celuu fashion shoot

Belts Galore
Belts are absolutely the thing this spring. Whether you go with something skinny and low key or decide to make a statement with a big centrepiece, a belt is the perfect way to complement your work outfit. Belts can also help to add some definition to your waistline if the weather is still forcing you to sport heavier coats or less form fitting outfits.

Tan/Slate and White/Light
Mixing tans and slates with whites or other light colours is the perfect way to build a bridge between your darker winter outfits and brighter ambitions this spring. Pairing a white shirt with slate trousers will give you a professional look that feels fresh and ready for the warmer weather. This is also the perfect opportunity to break out the spring classic that is the trench coat, with light tan shades especially complementing your outfit.

Midi Dresses
Midi dresses make for the classic all-day outfit, that looks great even in the after-work hours. A midi dress will help you make the transition from the cosy trouser and jumper combo that’s kept you warm over the last few months, without leaving you exposed to the weather. If you still feel a little chilly then you can pair the dress with some warm tights, leggings or even experiment with layering a shirt or jacket on top.

Late 70s Chic
The 80s revival is very much in full force, and now it’s started to leak into the adjacent decades as well. Last summer saw the rebirth of the small sunglasses that were popular in the 90s and this spring will see a rise in popularity of the late 70s chic look. Slightly flared, high wasted trousers and shirt/jumper combos are on the comeback and they make a great choice for springtime attire. Work in some of that 2018 style by experimenting with accessorising, to keep this outfit looking fresh and new while still paying homage to the classic fashion.

Spring is the season of the floral patterns and now is certainly not the time to break that trend. Floral patterns are one of the best ways to escape the darker, heavier shades of the winter season and really celebrate everything that spring brings with it. Combining a floral dress with a tan trench coat is a great way to combine two springtime classics, or you could try a floral dress or shirt with puffier sleeves to keep on trend while still getting your floral spring fix.
Now you should be set to make the transition from the cold, dark winter to the bright, warmer spring season, while looking great in your work place. The new spring lines are appearing in all the high street stores and you can also make some great savings online if you click here.

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