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Holiday packing checklist

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The schools have just broken up for the long summer break and my kids couldn’t be happier!

During this time off school we are planning a family vacation, and there’s always so much to remember, so I have put together a packing checklist to make sure we don’t forget anything!

A couple of years ago I went on a girls trip with just a carry on suitcase, and was able to pack it wisely to fit everything in! You can read my suitcase packing tips here. But this time we will have 4 suitcases between us so we have the room, but I just don’t want to forget anything!

Bella Italia pool overview

The pool at Canvas Holidays resort: Camping Bella Italia

I hope that you will find this checklist useful for your own holiday packing!

To organise 1 month before you go:

  • Do you need a Visa for your destination? Is your passport up to date? Do you have travel insurance? I double check all of these 1 month before.
  • To get sorted 2-3 weeks before you go:

  • Start to put together your holiday toiletries. This includes shampoo and conditioner; toothpaste; sun lotions and after sun creams. Don’t forget to take insect repellant and bites & sting relief too! By organising this early, you can see what you need to buy and have time to go shopping.
  • Ensure you have got your up to date prescriptions and have enough to last you the whole holiday. If you need to request a repeat prescription, now is the time to do it! For other over the counter medicines, I like to use an online pharmacy to quickly and easily get any antihistamines, eye drops or pain relief. You can see a list of treatments here that you can find relief for online.
  • Now is when I get out my travel plugs to check I have the right ones for the country I’m visiting and double check that we have chargers for iPhones, tablets etc. If they need replacing, I have chance to sort this!
  • Convert currency. Whilst I’m on a pre-holiday shopping trip, I also take the chance to get my foreign currency too. I usually compare exchange rates online before I head out so I get the most bang for my buck!
  • Focus on 1 week before you go:

  • Pull out fancy outfits or anything I’m not planning to wear on the run up to the holiday and hang it separately. I don’t actually pack until the day before I go so things aren’t too creased, but it’s good to have what you want to take sorted in advance for a less stressful packing day!
  • Get up to date with the family laundry, also washing bedding if I can, so that I have clean bedding on when I get back from holiday. I always give the family a laundry deadline about 5 days before we go as the last date when they can be assured of having the garments returned clean to them before the holiday. Any laundry after that is not guaranteed to be done before we go (although I usually do manage it – but I don’t want the stress of someone complaining that their top isn’t clean in time). If they have the deadline, they have no excuses!
  • Sort out the fridge. For the last week at home I try to use up any food we still have in the fridge, so our meal planning in that last week can be a bit odd! But I always like to clean out the fridge so old products are discarded before we go and the shelves wiped so we come home to a clean and tidy fridge and not mouldy food. (I used to leave it and I hated coming home well rested only to have to get stuck in cleaning and binning stuff so now I prepare in advance!)
  • Buy my digital books for the holiday – it’s easier to download books and movies to your tablets whilst on the home wifi which you know is a decent speed! I prefer not to be at the mercy of holiday resort wifi just in case!
  • Find the cats’ vaccination certificates as they will be going to the cattery on the day we go! The cattery needs to see these so I get them ready.
  • Book taxis to the airport or car parking.
  • After all this, all that is left to do is actually pack and enjoy the holiday! Can you think of anything to add to my checklist?

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