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Perhaps I’m a little early to talk about spring cleaning but now we are on our way out of winter, I’m ready to shake off some of the hibernation I’ve been doing and start to freshen things up ready for a brighter season.

All winter I’ve been burning spiced scented candles like the ones in my pre-Christmas gift guide, we’ve all been wearing our onesies, getting early nights, watching box sets and generally taking the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate so we are ready for the year ahead.

2016 is already looking like an exciting year with two family weddings taking place and last year we did a lot of decorating at home. My son’s bedroom, my daughter’s bedroom and my home office, so this year we will be cooling it a bit on the home decor. However I do still want to inject some freshness into our living space so I’m doing it using scent and flowers!

One of the best places to buy your candles and home scents is Love Aroma because they are a one stop shop for home fragrancing. They started online but now have 11 stores across the country selling reed diffusers, oil burners and scented candles from brands like Yankee Candle, Kringle and Stoneglow.

mixology melts

Now I’m looking to shake things up a bit, I’m using this mixology melt warmer and combining some of the melts to create my own new fragrances and lift the room… Gently uncurling my family from their winter slumber and awakening their senses through breezy smells. It’s an unassuming way of getting them to notice the subtle changing of the seasons. They don’t realise their perspective is shifting, but I guess that’s home-making for you. They know they like their home and how they feel when they are in it but they don’t know why!

My next step when I’m roused enough is to go through the childrens’ clothes and send any they have outgrown to the charity shop. They’ve been silently getting bigger all winter whilst no-one was watching!! But for now, I’ll enjoy the scents and colours gracing our home at the moment with all my new smells and flowers!

vase of tulips

Happy springtime everyone! How does your family get ready for spring?

PS) I put the title of this post ‘HOME’ in capitals as it is the most important place. HOME is where the heart is, where my family are, where I can relax and enjoy being with the ones I love. I hope that home means all that to you too.

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Comments to HOME

  • We also have plans for this year at home. Both daughters finish university in June and I’m desperately trying to spring clean before their return. I actually rather enjoy the decluttering phase and find it rather a cathartic experience x

    Izzie Anderton 26th February 2016 11:32 am Reply
    • Yes I love a good declutter too! I bet it will be lovely o have your daughters back home again this summer.

      Nadine Hill 28th February 2016 7:21 am Reply
  • I am hoping to get my bedroom decorated soon! But not sure I will get it done before spring.

    Fozia S 26th February 2016 4:00 pm Reply
    • Good luck with your decoration plans!

      Nadine Hill 28th February 2016 7:21 am Reply
  • I’ve been trying to have a little clear out each day recently. I don’t think the others have noticed yet which is a good thing as it’s mainly their things that have gone!

    Ness 27th February 2016 12:21 am Reply
    • haha If you keep it on the down low they may not ever notice!

      Nadine Hill 28th February 2016 7:22 am Reply
  • Will have to check out Love Aroma as making sure our house smells good is one of my things – I have candles and reeds and plug-ins – all to cover the aroma of boys!!

    Sonya Cisco 27th February 2016 7:55 am Reply
    • Yes, it’s much nicer to smell pineapple or lavender than other scents!! Do check them out!

      Nadine Hill 28th February 2016 7:23 am Reply
  • I love the look of that mixology burner! I am a massive fan of changing home scent to the time of year. I am partial to the warm spicy smells of the festive season but I really love swapping to light florals and fresh lavender scent for spring then fruity smells for summer. It makes a huge impact on a house. As for the spring cleaning, I have been doing little bits each week and I’ve enjoyed it. Haven’t managed to bring myself to put away the fleece blankets just yet, though!

    Zara 27th February 2016 11:59 am Reply
    • I used to use just one scented candle until it was done but these days I mix and match depending on my mood!

      Nadine Hill 28th February 2016 7:24 am Reply
  • I should check out Love Aroma too. It’s always nicer to live in a nice smelling home.

    Helen Neale 27th February 2016 5:48 pm Reply
    • It certainly is!

      Nadine Hill 28th February 2016 7:24 am Reply
  • I love wax melts although hubby just broke my burner so need to get a new one. Nothing beats fresh flowers to brighten up the room

    Kara 28th February 2016 9:27 am Reply
  • I’ll check them out , I do love my house smelling sweet .

    Ninjacat 28th February 2016 1:42 pm Reply
  • I love the tulips. They are my favorite flowers. I am having a spring clean in a couple of weeks – I am so excited to not be doing it myself. I love a nice smelling house

    Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) 29th February 2016 10:09 am Reply
  • I love this time of year basically just for the tulips 😉 They are my favourite flower! I really want to get some of those wax melts I had some years ago but lost my burner so I need to get a new one x

    Sonia 29th February 2016 10:18 am Reply
  • With a house move imminent, I’m all about the spring clean – looking forward to making our house a home 🙂

    Rosie Corriette 29th February 2016 2:22 pm Reply
    • Ooh good luck with it all!

      Nadine Hill 1st March 2016 5:04 pm Reply
  • For sure, Nadine, HOME is where we recharge and are ourselves and it is our favourite place to be too! Nothing beats fresh flowers and a lovely candle for creating the right atmosphere in the house.xx

    oana79 1st March 2016 11:40 am Reply
    • I think I’m due a new bunch of flowers – I may get some this week!

      Nadine Hill 1st March 2016 5:03 pm Reply
  • Yay, spring is coming! Love the look of those candles, I’m burning them daily at the moment!

    Globalmouse 4th March 2016 9:43 am Reply
  • So nice to see those colourful tulips! I do miss colour in the winter months and relish those springtime blooms appearing! We need to have a spring clean at home definitely, I’m sure there is lots of decluttering that needs doing! Especially in the loft #sendhelp

    Charly Dove 8th March 2016 3:22 pm Reply
    • haha #sendinghelp! I love colourful blooms too. It just sparks hope and positivity doesn’t it?

      Nadine Hill 11th March 2016 12:01 pm Reply
  • I so need to spring clean, but just the thought of it has me needing to lay down in a dark room, we have so much clutter but I just can’t even think of getting rid of the memories attached to it all!

    Amanda 16th March 2016 9:39 pm Reply
    • haha I hear you! I just have to ‘pick a corner’ and go. If I think too much when it comes to clutter clearing it can stop me even starting!

      Nadine Hill 20th March 2016 11:58 am Reply
  • I think the spring cleaning bug is definitely awakening as I’ve been doing the same – your post has reminded me though that I’ve probably some candles (ok quite a lot of candles) that I could include in my sort out 🙂 Love the tulips too #happyandhome

    Stephanie Robinson 17th March 2016 7:19 pm Reply
    • Ooh – having loads of candles … luxury! Enjoy them!

      Nadine Hill 20th March 2016 11:57 am Reply
  • Home is definitely where it is at, and you sell it so well, I had the most gorgeous candle from Love Aroma, must rebuy it, the smell was so calming! Thanks for joining #happyandhome

    Penny A Residence 17th March 2016 9:27 pm Reply
    • Thanks for commenting Penny. Things like the smells in a room are often not thought about but can make so much difference!

      Nadine Hill 20th March 2016 11:55 am Reply
  • Those tulips are just beautiful – my fav flower! I must try wax melts, I always have a scented candle on the go but am yet to try the new craze! #happyandhome

    Sonya Cisco 19th March 2016 12:12 pm Reply
    • I just love the colours of tulips!

      Nadine Hill 20th March 2016 11:46 am Reply
  • I’ve not heard of a melt warmer. How has this passed me by?!! I think it’s the perfect time for a touch of spring cleaning. I’m in them midst of painting our whole house. It’s like the sun started shining and lit up all the handprints and scuff marks. It’s keeping me busy 🙂

    Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely 21st March 2016 12:59 pm Reply
    • Wow- painting the whole house? That’s a feat but it’s almost like you have to once you do the first room and it all looks so nice, isn’t it?! Good luck with it!

      Nadine Hill 21st March 2016 1:19 pm Reply

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