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How To Create A Minecraft Bedroom

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My son loves all things Minecraft and I was planning to decorate his bedroom, so here’s my guide on how to create a Minecraft bedroom, including a Creeper lightshade tutorial!

As I do with any home improvement project, I turned to Pinterest for some Minecraft inspiration! As the room is quite small, I didn’t want to add extra furniture like the pixellated boxes that you can buy and we didn’t want to have to change any of the light fittings. You can buy some pretty cool Minecraft torches to mount on the wall for lighting but his light is a centre ceiling light so I just wanted to find a suitable lightshade plus some bedding and try to keep the walls as easy as possible. However finding a lightshade proved more tricky than I thought so I ended up making one!

Minecraft bed and light shade

Here is his finished bedroom

Minecraft wall stickers

Minecraft spider

I wanted to keep the walls quite plain but also in a shade that could still be valid once his Minecraft obsession ends! As he gets older, the grey walls will still look cool and provide a blank canvas that we can dress up to whatever his passions are in the future, and the blue blind was what he had in his room before. It went well with the walls so we didn’t want to change it. We did however, source some wall decals in Leeds, from a local designer.

The Minecraft Bedding was from Amazon and as I was unable to find a Minecraft branded light shade anywhere, I made one of a creeper face! As the design is ‘boxy’, it was really easy to do! Here’s how…

How to make a Creeper lightshade, Minecraft

I purchased a plain green square shaped light shade from ASDA. Then I got some thick black craft card. One A4 sheet should be enough.

the raw materials to make a Creeper lightshade

I drew an outline of the eyes- I just did a box of 6x6cm and cut two of them out. Then I drew the mouth freehand- I did what looked right when the eyes were positioned on the shade but the width of my mouth across the widest part is 9.5cm. Then I used superglue to fix the card to the lightshade!

Creeper tutorial -stick the card to the lightshade

My craft project took about 30 minutes to do and my son is over the moon with his unique new Minecraft themed bedroom!

Let me know if you decide to have a try- your little Minecraft fans will love it!

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Comments to How To Create A Minecraft Bedroom

  • What a cool lampshade. I love all the finishing touches you made. It is amazing what you can do and make when you need too!

    Jen 13th August 2015 2:37 pm Reply
  • Love the nightshade, my daughter is a massive minecraft fan 🙂

    Sonia @ This Mummy Loves 13th August 2015 6:37 pm Reply
    • Thank you! I was kinda proud of that! Thankfully it was super easy!

      Nadine Hill 13th August 2015 6:53 pm Reply
  • What a super makeover. The lampshade is really clever, my son would love it.

    Louisa 14th August 2015 7:03 pm Reply
    • Thank you – I just hope the Minecraft phase in this house lasts a while so I don’t have to decorate again!!

      Nadine Hill 15th August 2015 12:26 pm Reply
  • That lampshade is amazing! We’re doing a superhero themed room for my boy at the moment. Lots of pinterest inspo!

    Laura 16th August 2015 8:43 pm Reply
  • Awesome looking room there, looks like a lot of thought went into it! Hope you are playing Minecraft servers inside it!

    Dancraft Skyblock 14th November 2017 12:29 pm Reply
  • Fantastic idea, my youngest grandson will love his light shade!

    Linda 14th August 2019 8:28 pm Reply

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