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How To Improve Your Online Income

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Millennials have come to be known as people who think outside of the box when it comes to most things and using the digital word to make money is definitely one of these. However, sometimes it can be more difficult than you think to make an income from online viable and successful.


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So you’ve started your blog, you’ve set up a shop online, you’ve even done a bit of freelance work here and there but you are struggling to step into the zone where you’re able to live solely off your online income, have a look below and see if there is anything that you could do to help increase your income and reach your goals.

Your Blog
You have plenty to say, are writing exciting content and slowly building your audience but you are still struggling and you may be starting to feel like the effort your putting in is never going to make your hard work pay off. It’s very easy to want to give up when you start a blog, people tend to get in stuck in the area where their audience just isn’t big enough to use the tools at hand to make easy money and are often left disheartened so stop. There’s no need to stop and there are plenty of things you can do to help get you out of this rut. Try networking with other bloggers, bloggers events are a fantastic way to make new contacts who can help build your followers. You could contribute to the top blogs in your niche, it’s important to make a solid connection before doing this though, you can advertise this as if it was on your own blog so don’t hold back on producing brilliant content, plus the blogger who you’ve guest posted for will appreciate this and it may lead to future opportunities. An easy way to help grow your following is to make your blog super easy to be shared online, try adding social buttons on your blog and see where it leads to.

Your Online Shop
Whether you decided to sell the junk you have around the house or bulk buy and set up a store online, it can be a great way to make money but can be equally as difficult to get it kicked off and making any sort of a profit. Granted if you’re selling your junk your probably not expecting to become a millionaire but what if you’ve already invested money into the stock to sell on your store and it just doesn’t seem to be working?
If you’re struggling there are plenty of tools and services you can use online to help get your business out there such as certified Google shopping experts, social media management and website builders to get you where you want to be.

Freelancing can be the bread and butter to someone who is self-employed and making their money in the digital world. But with a large number of millennials already freelancing, it can sometimes make the competition tough. Make sure you create consistent timely work, over time this will speak volumes and gain you repeat work and possibly even referrals. A really simple way to get your name out there is to get yourself set up on Linkedin, it’s a fantastic platform where you can showcase all your skills and allow past employers to add reviews for you. You may even find work coming to you instead of having to look for it, how good does that sound?

Why not share your tips for improving your online income below in the comments below?

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