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How to Research and Prepare for Your Trip to India

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You’re finally ready to explore the vitality and culture of India, but when you’re travelling halfway across the world to somewhere totally different, it’s important to ensure you’re completely prepared for your adventure.
Companies like Jules Verne will help you plan your jam-packed itinerary, but here are some other things you should consider when planning your trip to India:

Have Those All-Important Health Checks
At least two months before you’re due to travel, you’ll need to check the health advice that’s specific to India. This will tell you the vaccines you require and whether there are any current outbreaks or risks.

The TravelHealthPro website is a great place to start. And you can also find a travel health checklist and current vaccinations on the NHS website.

Also worth noting is the fact that some of the medicines you may have been prescribed could be subject to different regulations and legalities in India. Taking your prescription with you will allow you to take your medication into India but always double-check before you travel.

Get a Visa
Before you travel, you will need to apply for a visa. There is a specific e-Tourist Visa that’s available from the Indian High Commission for UK tourists who are staying in India for less than 30 days. You’ll need to get this at least four days before you’re due to go and will need to be in India within 120 days of it being issued.

You can get this visa for around £57 and can have two per year – perfect if you’re planning lots of adventures!

Staying Well While You’re There
To ensure you aren’t poorly while you’re away, one of the best ways to stay protected and healthy is by using some antibacterial hand gel or hand wash. Use this when you handle money, go to the loo, before you eat and so on.

Due to the heat in India, it’s also important to stay well hydrated. Ensure you drink two litres of water a day and take some rehydration sachets with you, just in case you do start to feel as though you’re suffering from heat exhaustion.

Research with Relevant Books and Apps
One of the best things about travelling is researching where you’re going to go. And when it comes to India, there are plenty of books, films and apps available that can help you make the most of your travels.

For example, you may want to buy a guidebook of India that features maps, recommended hotels and top restaurants. There are also several apps available which provide the majority of this information but conveniently stored on your phone. And Google Translate is always great to fall back on if you are struggling with translations.

Armed with all of the above, your trip to India will be one to remember – for all the right reasons!

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