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How To Revive A Tired Mum

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How to revive a tired mum: I’m on a mission to refresh and revive after the long weeks of summer. The lack of routine has been a welcome break during the holidays but 6 weeks of entertaining the kids and trying to slot work in when I can means that now they’re back at school all day I’m feeling tired.

But I don’t have time to be tired! There are some exciting work things happening this month and some city centre meetings to be had where I’ll need to look and feel my best. I find that I get energised when I go into a city centre for work – the pace around me, the hustle and bustle and people walking with purpose is exhilarating and I get a kick out of dressing up and putting lippy on! Most of the time I work from home around the kids wearing my gym kit so you can see why a change of scene is necessary.

how to revive a tired mum hero shot

So this month I’ve been seeking out the beauty products that are best for renewing tired skin, brightening up my face and making my body feel alive!

I’ll be starting my day with a shower and a cleansing body wash from Mia and Dom Organic Skincare. I love this brand as all its products are made in the UK by mumpreneur Jen Feltham. I recently interviewed Jen about her business which she started around her kids, and you can watch the interview here.

This shower gel has a really fresh scent and is easy to use with the pump dispenser. It is £12.99 from

start of the day essentials

When I have a busy day I use the Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control Anti-Perspirant £3.99 from Boots and followed by the Manuka Doctor Aspirefine CC Cream as my moisturiser. It has an SPF20 to protect throughout the day and is purified with bee venom. I’ve heard that the celebs swear by this too! Now £13.29 (reduced) from Superdrug.

I’ve also been trying some other moisturisers to revive a dull complexion and this combo from TEN is nice. The Instant Lifting Cream and the Revive Eye Contour both have dual synergy action to lift and rejuvenate the skin and the area around the eye. £23.99 and £21.99 from

make up and creams

Out & About
My make-up routine at the moment is to use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer £4.19 from Superdrug under my eyes. Then dust with the Max Factor Creme Puff (£4.60 from Just My Look) as a foundation. Once I’ve done that, I apply my favourite smokey eye look and use the Eye of Horus black mascara to open up the eye. This mascara is inspired by Egypt and costs £16.50. To finish this area off, I have the Hi Brow 24 hr Brow Powder for perfectly defined brows. When your brows are neat and tidy, it helps make the rest of your face come alive and stops you looking tired! This palette is £19.99 from Just My Look.

eye & face brighteners

When I’m out and about I like to carry an eye reviver with me – I used to take drops but I find this Optrex eye spray is handy. You spray onto closed eyelids (even whilst wearing make-up) to instantly moisturise dry eyes. (I’ve had laser surgery in the past so my eyes do get a little dry as the day goes on). It’s handy to keep in my make-up bag and costs £15.99 from Boots.

At Home
The Murine Bright & Moist eyes (£4.59 from Boots) are good when I’m at home as the gel is quite thick and can blur your vision temporarily until it absorbs so it’s best used when you’re not driving!

The Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral is a nice eye brightener for around the eyes to combat puffiness and reduce dark circles. If you like a rollerball application, this one costs £8.99 from Holland and Barrett.

The ‘That’s So Pure White’ is something I’ve kept on my desk for the days I’ve been working at home and make-up free. You spray onto clean skin to feel refreshed and it has the added bonus of helping you even out an uneven skintone and brighten up your face! It is available from That’so, find your local stockist here.

ARK masque

At the end of a busy day working from home it helps to change the mood from work mode to home mode by doing something ultra relaxing like a face mask. The ARK Hydration Injection Masque is indulgent and helps to quench skin. Enjoy with a glass of wine to wind down after a busy day, it costs £35 for 75ml.


If all else fails, I find that a cup of coffee helps to wake me up, so enjoy one of these flavoured varieties from Beanies. This ‘Stash Box‘ is £22.50 and each flavour is only 2 calories a cup!

For more beauty tips for busy mums, you may enjoy how to do a frizz eliminator blow dry. Do you have any favourite products for refreshing a tired mum? Share in the comments below!

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Comments to How To Revive A Tired Mum

  • Definitely a good coffee perks me up in the morning and those flavoured ones sounds yummy. I think a spa date should come on the NHS for mums after school holidays! x

    Louise Edwards 9th September 2015 10:19 am Reply
    • Now that’s an idea I can get behind!

      Nadine Hill 9th September 2015 7:33 pm Reply
  • These all sound like products that would help revive any tired mum. I would really like to try those coffees. They would definitely help 🙂

    Bek Dillydrops 9th September 2015 10:52 am Reply
  • I like to find some ‘me time’ – it doesn’t have to be a fancy spa day. A long soak in the bath, a country walk, a good read – all those things will do it for me.

    Erica Price 9th September 2015 2:25 pm Reply
    • Some great suggestions there.

      Nadine Hill 9th September 2015 7:33 pm Reply
  • I don’t think anything can beat a lovely bubble bath to refresh me, but I usually get interrupted by someone. The eye products you mentioned look good, I need something for my tired eyes!

    Louisa 9th September 2015 2:48 pm Reply
  • I love your tips here – some of the products are entirely new to me, but very appealing (eg that’s so pure white). I need reviving too, so I think maybe I need to start spending 🙂

    Sarah Ebner 9th September 2015 3:01 pm Reply
    • haha it’s getting back to the routine that does it!

      Nadine Hill 9th September 2015 7:33 pm Reply
  • I hope everything you’re trying, works to combat the tiredness 🙂

    Shell Louise 9th September 2015 3:29 pm Reply
  • I love your tips! I could use a few of these products especially instant lifting cream. The body wash sounds fab, too! 🙂 Great post.

    sarah 9th September 2015 4:14 pm Reply
  • What a wonderful post. Love all your little hints and tips. I will need to give them a try as this tired mummy needs a boost x

    angela hamilton 9th September 2015 10:05 pm Reply
    • Thanks Angela – I think we all get a bit tired from time to time don’t we? x

      Nadine Hill 10th September 2015 2:33 pm Reply
  • I always use a face mask for my tired skin when in need and yes, plenty of coffee, lol!xx

    oana79 9th September 2015 10:15 pm Reply
  • I want to try that manuka honey bee venom cream – I used the mask and loved it. That coffee looks amazing too

    Kara 10th September 2015 7:54 am Reply
  • im actually in need of this at the moment , feeling so tired , heavily pregnant and yes tired again, i cant find no energy

    lisa prince 10th September 2015 11:07 am Reply
    • Ah, it’s tough at those last few weeks isn’t it? I hope you feel revived soon!

      Nadine Hill 10th September 2015 2:28 pm Reply
  • I love real people trying beauty products! I only use paraben free stuff, as SLS and SLA make me go all red. I am not a coffee person, so when I am feeling sluggish it is sparkling water for me

    Jen 10th September 2015 2:14 pm Reply
    • I agree – sparking water probably would be the better option – caffeine and all that!

      Nadine Hill 10th September 2015 2:26 pm Reply
  • I am so with you after the school holidays. The CC cream with bee venom sounds interesting. But for me it’s exercise and sleep. Lots of sleep!

    Donna @OrdCyclingGirl 10th September 2015 8:45 pm Reply
  • I love the look of the stash box! Just what I need!!!

    Gemma 10th September 2015 9:17 pm Reply
  • I think decent make up is the only thing which helps me at least look revived.
    And vats of coffee

    Clare nicholas 11th September 2015 4:03 pm Reply
  • Ooh, a facepack – I haven’t done one of those for yonks! They really make a difference to my skin. Some great ideas tips for products here. 13th September 2015 9:10 pm Reply
  • You should be well on the way to perky heaven with all those wonderfully invigorating lotions and potions. That wee coffee collection grabbed my eye straight away. How cool is that?!

    BlueBearWood 15th September 2015 10:18 pm Reply
  • Ohh I am totally going to have to try some of these – what some great sounding products. x

    Sarah Bailey 16th September 2015 11:09 pm Reply
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