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Getting hygge with it!

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You may have heard about Hygge. It is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day things more meaningful, beautiful or special. I would call this being mindful, but hygge is also like an art.

Hygge is pronounced ‘Hue-gah’ so completely opposite to the way I have used it in my title! However it is about slow living, the absence of anything annoying, a gentle way of life. Dinner with friends is hygge. Candles are hygge. Denmark is often stated as one of the most happy countries in the world. Could their observation of hygge and appreciation for it be the key to why they seem so happy?


Lately I’ve been embracing hygge. Actually what I’ve been doing is tuning myself to the seasons, but that is a very hygge thing to do! Autumn and winter are Yin months, we are meant to be slower. It is nature’s way of getting us to relax and restore our reserves after a very productive spring and summer cycle. I don’t know about you but I had a very, very busy spring and summer. Work wise I was involved in many projects. I had several brand campaigns on the go and now my obligations to these are met, I feel like I can take things at a calmer pace, it’s actually nice to feel more cosy – after an odd readjustment stage where I felt like ‘what was I missing?’ because I wasn’t rushing around like a crazy woman!

I’m settling into a routine that suits the time of year and my wishes for it. I like my children to be near in this season. I like them to be near all year round, but my youngest teenager wants to make plans with his friends when the evenings are lighter and I understand that. In the summer I made plans to do some home decorating to freshen things up before Christmas. We are nearly at the end of this messy project that has seen the home under piles of boxes whilst items got stored and now things are finding places in the home again – order is being resumed!

My home design project has been renovating my bedroom. We have installed an ensuite bathroom and moved doorways, added new lighting and power points and created a built in storage area for the TV and drawers. My bedroom is now both functional and cosy. We have added plenty of mood lighting, so I can make choices on how I want to light the room in any situation – I can go all out bright if I need light to see what I’m doing – housework for example. Or I can use my soft downlighter for a cosy glow when I’m watching TV. If I just need to do make-up then I have a lighting solution in the vanity area – I have never had so much flexibility! Lighting is very hygge – it is used to make spaces relaxed and warm. Probably because of the Danish climate where the skies are grey.

I like to roll with the seasons, creative and active in the spring and summer, reflective and restorative in the autumn and winter. My environment now allows this. It’s all about quality of life and making conscious decisions. I love that the Danes have a nice life and don’t deny themselves anything. No feast or famine for them – just what they want, when they want it without guilt. In January a lot of Brits will go on diets, trying to cut down and eat light at a time when it is cold outside and we need to go hearty and woolly. Does that feel natural to you? We can still eat well and not overindulge in winter and not have a ‘bikini body’ situation to worry about in spring and summer. It’s about a mindful, consistent approach all year round. Tuning into your body and eating what it craves.

At the end of the day isn’t that what it is all about? Listening to your inner wisdom that is there – it’s just we have forgotten to trust ourselves so we don’t recognise it when we hear it. This winter, explore getting back in touch with you – go cosy. I’m all for fleecy blankets and candles, warm comfort food and cuddles with my family, I 100% adore the bright sunshine but I can’t get that so much at the moment, so I’m making do with my daylight alarm clock to wake me in the morning and the light box on my desk. Winter doesn’t have to be bleak – if you decide to go hygge!

Tell me how you are getting hygge at the moment?

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Comments to Getting hygge with it!

  • This is a very interesting post! I’ll be honest, I hate winter! And I’m not keen on autumn because it means winter is on the way. But maybe I just need to embrace them better, because they’re always going to happen! I love the sound of your bedroom and the lighting. I live in hope that we will do that to our bedroom one day as we either have lights on or light off – there’s no in-between! I can’t even have a bedside lamp as the sockets are in the wrong place.

    Sarah MumofThree World 15th November 2016 11:30 am Reply
  • I keep seeing the word hygge everywhere and I didn’t really know what it meant, so thank you for the explanation. I find that this time of year I just want to hibernate but I agree that it is the perfect time to sit back and reflect and enjoy the home comforts. It sounds as though you have done well with your decorating projects, that is on my list for next year.

    Nikki Thomas 15th November 2016 10:31 pm Reply
  • Glad to hear you are tuning into the seasons and slowing down for the winter, it seems like a logical move to me. Time to be and get cosy. That is my interpretation of hygge. Mich x

    Michelle Twin Mum 15th November 2016 10:37 pm Reply
    • I believe hygge is logical too. But from what I know of you Mich, you are more in tune with your natural rhythms, embracing of the little moments and generally vibrating at a hygge level anyway than a lot of people, hence the reason it is logic to you! x

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:59 pm Reply
  • I am still unsure what it means or how it would work in my chaotic children filled house. I would love a relaxing corner to hide in though

    Kara 16th November 2016 8:15 am Reply
    • Thing is Kara, I think a chaotic children filled house is hygge! It’s more about a feeling, rather than uncluttered spaces or peace and quiet. This is my interpretation anyway. Those things that make you go “mmm” (including children) – all hygge!

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:56 pm Reply
  • Glad to get told how to pronounce it properly – have seen the word everywhere lately. I love the concept though and if our homes are comfortable and welcoming, we’ll feel better.

    Erica Price 16th November 2016 10:40 am Reply
    • The word even made it into the dictionary this year too – it’s everywhere!

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:54 pm Reply
  • I never knew how to pronounce this before (I used to think it was “huggie”!). I love the idea of this. Our lives are so, so hectic that it would be great to just slow things down and appreciate things more. I know too many people that are depressed or that have had anxiety issues through being under too much pressure. I think hygge is the way forward!

    Bek Dillydrops 16th November 2016 9:33 pm Reply
    • It sure is!

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:53 pm Reply
  • You’ve just given me a great idea for my Christmas list – one of those light alarm clocks! I love a bit of cosy and winter 🙂

    Steph Curtis 16th November 2016 11:09 pm Reply
    • I adore my light alarm clock – it is so much more gentle and welcoming. I don’t ‘do’ abrupt noises like a traditional alarm!!

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:53 pm Reply
  • LOVED this post. I absolutely agree its important to take time to live life more slowly. I wish this time of the year wasn’t so hectic for me I feel like I’m missing so much. Stop the world – I want to get off!

    Liz Burton 17th November 2016 8:37 am Reply
    • haha thank you Liz – what a great comment! I LOVE that you used the caps lock!! x

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:52 pm Reply
  • Sory to hear about your depression. I like to slow down in Autumn too – I’ve been seeking out fewer opportunities for trips, and taking time to reflect in my blog on all the experiences we had over the warmer months. It’s a nice way to feel more cosy! Love post xx

    Nell (the Pigeon Pair and Me) 17th November 2016 11:16 am Reply
    • Ah thank you Nell, however I am not sorry about it – the depression I went though has led me to many insights into myself and behaviour in general that I wouldn’t have had if I had not needed to explore my inner workings. Depression was hell on earth at the time but I pulled myself out and know that it is possible. It also gave me a level of compassion that I may not have otherwise, there really is a silver lining when you look for it. Thanks for commenting. x

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:51 pm Reply
  • I am completely obsessed with hygge- I’m reading A Year Of Living Danishly and it is so interesting! x

    Katy (What Katy Said) 18th November 2016 1:29 pm Reply
    • I am keen to read that book myself!

      Nadine Hill 18th November 2016 2:49 pm Reply
  • I’m all for fleecy blankets and candles… that’s what I’ll be doing this Winter 🙂

    Sonia 18th November 2016 2:44 pm Reply
  • We are all about hygge at the moment – great excuse to cuddle up with some blankets!

    Kate Williams 20th November 2016 7:47 am Reply
    • It really is!

      Nadine Hill 22nd November 2016 1:32 pm Reply
  • I am trying to embrace Hygge, with candles, light and snuggly blankets and jumpers. Trying to make the most of the winter and the ability to hide without feeling guilty. I need to get myself a Hygge book so I can be more Hygge 🙂

    The Mummy Diary 20th November 2016 2:53 pm Reply
  • This is a great post. I struggle in the winter more so after Christmas so I am making a conscious effort to embrace the season this year. Will definitely be taking notes for future projects x

    Louise 20th November 2016 10:13 pm Reply
    • Yes, I’m like that too Louise – after Christmas is tough when it’s cold and dark. I’ll be hygge this time too!

      Nadine Hill 22nd November 2016 1:31 pm Reply
  • We’re all about Hygge at the moment in our house and I’m currently sat trying to redesign my living room a bit to be more Hygge x

    Cass@frugalfamily 22nd November 2016 1:23 pm Reply
  • I’m a bit like Kara, int hat I don’t know how it would work in my mad house, but I do dream of a calm space!

    Emma 22nd November 2016 1:44 pm Reply

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