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I’m teaching yoga at Leeds Wellbeing Week 2022 #LWW2022

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As a new yoga teacher in the city it is always exciting to have an opportunity to share what you love with people who need it. I’m delighted to say that I will be doing just that next week when I am taking part in Leeds Wellbeing Week 2022 by teaching a yoga session!

This information week for corporate wellbeing takes place annually and it is designed to bring awareness and solutions to businesses in the area, so companies can enhance their employee wellbeing initiatives and also for individual workers to seek balance for themselves in their busy lives.

Events take place all week but the signature event is on Tuesday 22nd March and this is the one I will be at! It is called ‘Find Happiness in Your Workplace’ and I will run one of the mini wellbeing experiences on the night. My session is called ‘Disconnect from your desk to reconnect with your body’ and it consists of a 20 minute standing yoga session (so no equipment needed!) and the attendees can do the poses in their suits!

Pre booking is required for this event as spaces are limited, so go to Eventbrite to learn more and book your place!

De desk yourself Nadine Hill

Corporate yoga teacher Nadine Hill

Check out my website at NadineHill.co.uk for more on my yoga classes in West Yorkshire, corporate yoga in Leeds and surrounding areas and to book me as an event wellness speaker or to lead a meditation workshop. Plans are afoot for online yoga classes via Zoom so people outside of my geographical area can enjoy my body positive yoga sessions!

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