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Instagram worthy backgrounds at home

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Nadine vlogging March 2018

I love shooting photos to share on Instagram, and one of my favourite looks is a feature wall! Have a look at the wall in my office which I shared a while back whilst recording a video for my YouTube channel!

I like the uniform effect of the background and that it adds something quirky to the shot. I often try to find a cool feature wall to use when looking for Instagram inspiration! A classic exposed brick wall is one of my favourites as you san see from these Instagram shares! You can easily create a wall at home with reclaimed white brick slips to give that artsy / loft effect to any room.

Brick is a classic look for a feature wall, it has been popular since the ’80s and like leopard print is to fashion, never really goes out of style. The wall below is at my dance studio:

The shot below is a nice brick wall featuring vintage signs:

I often try to find a lovely brick wall to use as a photography backdrop!

If you are looking to jazz up one of your rooms at home, here’s 5 reasons why a feature wall could be right for you!

  • 1. It is cost effective. By choosing only one wall as a feature wall and simply painting the rest, you can complete the room cheaper than it would otherwise cost to wallpaper or render a whole room.
  • 2. You can change it often! If you want to freshen up your look in a few years, you can simply change the look of the feature wall and create a totally new feel for the room with less hassle!
  • 3. It sets the mood for a room. Your feature wall will tell a story about your room and how you wish to use it.
  • 4. A feature wall can visually ‘enlarge’ the appearance of a room! Obviously you cannot make a room physically larger but using a feature wall cleverly means you can create a troupe l’oeil effect – it fools the eye into looking bigger.
  • 5. It is bold. No-one else will have a room like yours with a feature wall, so it is a great way to ensure that your decor is unique!
  • Do you have a feature wall at home or other tips for creating Instagram worthy interiors? Let me know in the comments!

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