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Is bad communication causing us to quit jobs?

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Job hunting these days can be laborious work. The act of looking for a job is a full time job in itself. Plus, everything is much more over subscribed than it was 20 years ago.

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Back then, you’d read the classifieds in the newspaper and circle any promising sounding jobs, then create your cover letter and CV. This would be carefully crafted to ensure the you address everything the job description is looking for. Then you would post, fax or email your application – although email was relatively new at this time!

Nowadays you upload your CV to a job hunting site or change your LinkedIn status to show you are actively looking for work, and some opportunities will come to you. This doesn’t mean you get the job – just that you get to hear about the job. Along with the other thousands of candidates who are also receiving email alerts from job sites for the same job.

Back then, the number of candidates going for the one role would be in double digits. These days the numbers are in triple digits. Plus because the pile of CVs to wade through is so large, companies utilise CV tracking software to pick out certain keywords, and if your CV doesn’t have it then you will receive an automatic rejection – without a human being even having looked at it. It is a numbers game and seemingly the human element is missing.

This has been the case of a close friend of mine, who has used several recruitment consultants, job sites and applying direct to find a job. However the role that was communicated to her wasn’t the role she experienced on day one, or even a few weeks in. My friend has left jobs after giving it a decent try to see if things improve, and in one instance, leaving after only one day.

Citation Health & Safety Consultants surveyed 1,000 UK individuals to find out why UK employees quit new jobs within the first year. They found that 70% of 18-24 year olds said the reason they quit was bad management, while 73% of 45-54 year olds said a hostile environment would make them quit.

They produced this infographic with the survey results:

Citation infographic on quitting jobs

No matter the reason for leaving a job, companies need to ensure that inadequate communication about the role and expectations is not one of them.

This post is written in collaboration with Citation Ltd

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