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It’s ‘Mortgage Month’!

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brick pizza oven

January has become known as ‘mortgage month‘ in my household as it is when I receive my latest annual mortgage statement so I can see how much we’ve paid since last time and what we still owe!

Even though I am looking at an amount of figures in the ‘owe’ column that would have anyone weeping to a debt advice line (if it was on credit cards and not a mortgage obvs!) It is satisfying to see that the amount has gone down a chunk and that the overall term is another year less.

The extra bonus this time is that the house value has also gone up! We did some major exterior revamping work last year that meant our garden was completely overhauled. We laid a new patio, sunk the trampoline into the ground and built a lovely brick pizza oven and fire pit so our garden is actually a place we’d want to spend time now.

brick pizza oven

Here is the brick pizza oven. It reminds us of a ‘beach bar’!

As it is ‘mortgage month’, I like to do a bit of a financial review at this time if year – even though it is always a month where money is tight after the Christmas spending. I like to check all my insurance policies to see whether the cover still meets our needs, and also see if there are places in our spending that we could plug any holes.

It’s often the last thing any of us want to do, especially when the weather is so cold and miserable, but here’s what I do – settle down with your files and a cuppa and blast through it. Let’s face it, in the Spring and Summer when the sun is out, the last place I want to be is inside with my paperwork!

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