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Juggling work during pregnancy

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JuggleMum Featured Post ImageWorking when you are pregnant, especially heavily pregnant is a challenge. I did it twice, once whilst I was working for an employer in an office and once when I was self employed, woking from home. So here are some pointers for handling work whilst you are pregnant.

Most women will continue to work throughout at least part of their pregnancies, often out of necessity. But with morning sickness, an aching back, and chronic tiredness, work responsibilities can feel more difficult. From telling your boss that you’re pregnant to planning for maternity leave, there’s a lot to consider.

Knowing how and when to share the news…
Pregnancy week 12 marks the official end of the first trimester, and it’s a traditional time to announce your pregnancy. But when should you tell your boss? It’s best to let him or her know before you tell others at work, and it’s traditional to share the news once you’ve had your first trimester screening. Whether you reveal your pregnancy at the 12-week point or a bit later, try to do so before you are showing.
Remember that pregnancy is a normal, natural part of life and don’t fall into the trap of feeling as if the fact that you’re expecting poses a problem. Most employers are happy to accommodate their pregnant employees, and some go out of their way to ensure comfort as best they can.

Make maternity leave plans ahead of time…
Determine when you’ll start your maternity leave and when you’ll come back to work. The amount of time you take depends on local regulations as well as your company’s policies and culture. Additionally, try to plan your doctor’s appointments so that they won’t interfere too much with your work schedule. Let people know when you’ll be gone ahead of time so that they can plan for your absence. Your boss – and your coworkers – will appreciate the fact that you took the lead, and they won’t feel as if you left them hanging. If an emergency takes you away from work, let your employer know ASAP.

Dress comfortably…
It’s completely possible to dress comfortably while looking your professional best. Business casual and professional attire come in styles to suit your taste and meet your company’s dress code. Remember to choose comfy, sensible shoes, too. Your usual footwear may fit you for a while, but feet expand during pregnancy and favorites will need to be replaced for the time being.

Consider working remotely…
In many cases, it’s possible to work from home, at least part of the time. Your company may already have a policy in place, or you may need to ask for concessions. Avoiding the commute will take some of the strain off, and so will working from the comfort of home. If you do work remotely, be sure to keep your performance up and stay in close contact with others.

Train your temporary replacement…
Talk to your boss about his or her plans for filling your position while you’re on maternity leave. If someone needs to learn how to do your job, offer to teach them how to do it. Leave detailed plans if necessary. It may feel strange to hand responsibilities off to someone else, but others will appreciate your effort. If you can, offer to be available for conversations during your maternity leave. Staying in touch shows your commitment to your job, plus it keeps you in the loop despite your absence.

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  • Lots of very good tips there! I only worked for a very short time in my pregnancy, it was exhausting!

    Mary Louise 2nd November 2017 9:20 pm Reply
  • Some great tips here. I worked right up to two weeks before my due date and then they came early so I would recommend leaving 4 weeks before 🙂

    Kara Guppy 9th November 2017 2:16 pm Reply

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