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Let there be light!

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We are having some work done at home which is almost at completion so now my thoughts are turning to lights! Over the last few weeks we have dug out the front garden, built a porch with huge wooden posts to hold up the porch roof and laid a new block driveway. The work will mean that we can park more vehicles on the drive and the porch addition will provide shelter if it is raining and we are trying to get our keys in the door!

However we need some outdoor lights. Some for under the porch roof to illuminate the doorway and some path lights – these will come in handy as British Summer Time starts to come to an end and our days get shorter. I’ve seen some very nice path lights on the Lights.co.uk website and they also do some rather unusual terrace lighting too which I love!

Here is my Pinterest board which I created for porch and outdoor inspiration so you can see the kind of porch I am having installed.

Home design at our house tends to always be of the structural variety rather than a simple lick of paint – this is why we can only manage one project every few years! I have been waiting for such a long time to tackle the front of the house – our last major renovation was the back garden four years ago! During that build we created a fire pit for winter warmth (and for marshmallow toasting!) and also sunk the family trampoline – so it was less of an eyesore but still available for the kids to use. A family garden isn’t complete without a trampoline as many families will know – they tend to be enjoyed by the children and the adults alike!


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One thing I am hugely looking forward to this year is getting some new Christmas lights as we will be able to make more of a feature of lights this time with the new porch to attach them to! Previous years have seen us having one solitary string of icicle style lights across the front window as the house was quite plain looking – but with the addition of the new porch with its vaulted roof and strong oak beams, we will have a place to attach some twinkly lighting for the festive season and I also like the idea of wrapping a string of festival lights around the wooden porch posts too like the ones in the photo above!

Whatever we end up choosing, it is clear that lights are to be our finishing touch!

This post was written in collaboration with Lights.co.uk.

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