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Little life hacks to help you achieve a positive work-life balance this summer

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Maintaining a positive work-life balance is an ongoing juggling act all year round – and the summer holidays can make it even harder to keep on top of things. Spending time with the kids is of course a priority, yet everyone else in the family is busy making their own plans, too. I’ve compiled a short list of quick and easy life hacks that can help to get your own work-life balance back on track this year.


Make a family schedule – and stick to it!
Keeping track of the whole family can be difficult at the best of times, let alone during the summer months. Whether the kids are heading out with their friends or blocking out some time to play the latest video game release in their bedroom, setting up a loose schedule that the whole family can stick to is a great idea. What’s more, it ensures that everyone spends some time together, too.

Hanging the schedule in a place where the whole family can see it will help to keep everyone on track. Get everyone involved and take it in turns to choose activities each day, that way you’re certain to please each person at least once. Use your regular calendar or make one yourself – Pinterest has loads of art and craft ideas that the little ones can get stuck in with making, too!

Allow yourself some down time
Between working and days spent with the kids, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself during the summer months, but it really is just as important as ever.
The good news is that the warm weather means there are even more ways to give yourself some much needed relaxation. Whether it’s going for a short walk, reading a book in the garden or taking your Starbucks to go and enjoying it al fresco on your lunch break, spending even a little bit of time taking care of yourself each day can go a long way to improving your work-life balance.

Plan and prepare meals in advance
Chances are that when you get home in the evening you’re going to be far more interested in playing in the garden with the kids than slaving over a hot stove. Gazing out of the window watching everyone else having fun can get boring pretty quickly, so keep the freezer stocked with meal ideas that can be popped in the oven and forgotten about until they’re ready.
Frozen food is no longer confined to chicken nuggets and chips there are lots of options that the whole family will enjoy. Try something classic, like sausages served with fluffy mashed potato. These McCain Mashed Potatoes can be popped in the microwave without any hassle, while sausages can be left in the fridge to defrost overnight or cooked straight from frozen.


Take some time to unplug
Summer is the perfect time to make a conscious effort when it comes to unplugging from the online world. Stepping away from your phone and tablet is vital to recharging your batteries and is a great way to encourage the kids to do the same, too.
Leaving work at work is the first step. Whether you work in an office or from home, it’s important to make a clear distinction between your work space and your leisure space. Try to avoid checking your emails outside of office hours and don’t be tempted to answer non-urgent phone calls when you’re enjoying some down time. It’s a small step that is likely to make a big difference to your mood.

What are your best tips for maintaining a positive work-life balance at this time of year? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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Comments to Little life hacks to help you achieve a positive work-life balance this summer

  • Some great tips here, especially about having a family schedule. I plan everyone’s time during school times but had not thought to do it in the summer months!I also like to plan my meals ahead and anything that saves time is gratefully received!

    Louisa 8th May 2017 8:58 pm Reply
  • Some great tips.

    I remember when I was working it could be hard to get a schedule sorted…but as I am currently a stay at home mum we just go with the flow.

    Fozia S 10th May 2017 9:09 am Reply
  • Some fab tips there. I found last summer pretty hard work. I am planning to be more organised this coming summer!

    Jen Walshaw 11th May 2017 8:16 pm Reply
  • Fab tips here. Working from home I find it more difficult to balance as it is a constant juggling act, I need to be more disciplined

    Kara Guppy 13th May 2017 10:35 am Reply
  • Great tips. I need to stick to a schedule but have become a lot better at switching off social media when I’m very busy, and treat myself to a tv show while having lunch

    Clare Nicholas 13th May 2017 9:40 pm Reply

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