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Little Ways to Organise Family Life

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Modern family life can be incredibly hectic. Days are often packed with things to do and you need to make sure that you can get your children where they need to be. The more organised you can be, the easier you will hopefully find everything. Here are some little ways you can improve your organisation.

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Give the Children Their Own Space
One of the most important things you can do is give your children their own space within your home. This is not the same as giving them responsibility over their rooms, though this is something you should do anyway. What this means is that you give them a little space in your hallway which is theirs. Things like their outdoor jackets and shoes can be kept there plus anything they might need for school like a bookbag.

This can be a locker-style cubby or it could be something as simple as a drawer. It is very easy to come up with something which will match the aesthetic of your hall while still allowing you to give the children this organisation.

Put Your Partner on Your Car Insurance
If you and your partner both have your own cars it’s a good idea to make sure that you are listed as named drivers on each other’s insurance policies. While this might be more expensive than just having your own cars, you never know when it is going to come in handy. For example, you will both be able to drive the car when you go away on holiday and you can both drive each other’s cars legally in the event of an emergency.

It might be too expensive to add each other to your current policies so you might have to find new car insurance UK providers to give you a policy that works better. You can browse your insurance options here for more of an indication about how much this might cost.

Get a Calendar
You just can’t beat a good, old-fashioned calendar. Some people buy them and then never use them. You need to make sure that not only do you find one which works for you, but you also need to find one which has enough space for all your family’s activities. If your family is on the larger side or has lots of activities, you might have to get a big academic-style calendar to be able to fit everything in.

Make sure that everything goes on the calendar. Your youngest’s parents evening? On the calendar. The eldest’s best friend’s birthday party? On the calendar. Trips to the vet or the doctor? Yup, it all needs to be put on the calendar. Give everyone their own colour of pen so you can easily decipher the notes. Being able to lay everything out like this is extremely beneficial and it will help you to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Encourage Family Communication
How many times have you had a child pop up to “remind” you about something you have never heard about? You need to make sure that you encourage family communication in positive ways. If you all feel comfortable talking to each other, there will be less chance of something slipping between the cracks. Try to avoid things being brought up at the last minute; all it will do is catch you off guard and upset your plan for the day.

Organising family life is difficult, especially when you are the only one interested in making a difference. Encourage the rest of your family to make little changes might seem hard but it will all be worth it once you are more organised and able to take on anything which is thrown at you.

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