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Making A Feature: Out Of The Box Ideas For Your Home

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When it comes to our homes many of us can take real pride in the appearance of how it looks and how we decorate it. Ofcourse, everyone has different tastes. Some homes are full of wonderful trinkets, other people prefer a more minimalistic approach. However, many of the people love to create features in their home, and often the more unique the idea, the better. So here are some of the out of the box ideas that you could be considering in your home.


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Making more use of different materials
One of the first things you could consider would be the use of different materials. More people are getting adventurous when it comes to features in their homes, and using materials such as wood or even concrete to help bring a vision to life. It could be polishing up a concrete floor or slab with with tools from companies like carrdiamond to help polish them up. These could be a great talking feature and the use of a material that is underestimated. Wood is also popular now, and people use pallets to create furniture, or wood planks as features on wall. Get creative and seek out inspiration online through social media platforms.

Create a photo wall
Photographs are a great way to add a feature to your home, and they can be a lovely personal way to add an element of family to a room. Take a wall and create a photo montage on it. Use different frames for something a bit more quirky, or choose to be a bit more uniformed and have them in a straight line using the same frames. There are some fantastic tutorials online to help you out and guide you on how best to. Use a plain wall and create something fabulous.

Make use of the middle of a room
The middle of a room can often be dead space, especially in a room such as the kitchen. So why not create a feature by adding a kitchen island? This can be really different as you could experiment with different materials, or just see it as an opportunity for more working space and storage. They can add a depth of character to a room. Also, coffee tables and statement pieces of furniture in the middle of a room can also act as a feature.

Inject colour into your home
Finally, colour is a great way to add a feature in your home and in different rooms. It could be done in a few different ways. The obvious one would be to use one wall as a feature and to paint it in a contrasting colour to the rest of the room. It automatically grabs your attention as you walk into the room. Other things to consider would be to inject colour in the way you accessorise your home. Bright coloured cushions and blankets for living spaces. Quirky prints displayed on the wall. Colour through the furniture that you have. The options are endless.

Let’s hope this has given you a bit of inspiration on how you can make a feature in your home.

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