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Mama’s getting her groove on!

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Last weekend my husband and I had a rare occurrence…. A whole day alone together!!

That almost never happens when you have kids – it is either family days out or days when you run around doing chores together or one parent has the kids whilst the other gets to socialise! But as he had spent the weekend in Dublin on a stag do, he’d taken the Monday off work to recover, so I kept my work commitments light giving us some free time!

The Instagram below shows the last time we had a lunch date alone…. 77 weeks ago according to Instagram!

So last week the plan was to have a nice lunch somewhere. We hadn’t arranged anything – preferring to decide on the spur of the moment. First job though, take the kids to school. The feeling of depositing children in their respective places on a weekday then skipping off hand in hand for some fun is a feeling I’ve only ever had before on a cruise ship! As we walked off chatting about what we’d like to do that day and where we might eat, it felt like we were on holiday – with a whole day to live as we pleased!

The awesomeness of the kids programme on a cruise ship is that my son and daughter want to be there. In fact, they can’t wait to ditch the old crumblies (that’ll be us then!) and hang out with their cool dude new mates playing X-box, mixing like a DJ or doing some crafty activity or other, so they adore kids club – even if they don’t always have that same excitement on a school day!

This summer we are so thoroughly thrilled to be setting sail on the Carnival Vista for an 8 night Mediterranean cruise and I’ve been checking out Carnival’s kids’ itinerary in preparation. Vista is Carnival’s newest ship in the fleet, setting sail on 1st May 2016 from Trieste, Italy for a summer in the Mediterranean before it goes transatlantic in October 2016 and settling into its year-round Caribbean service from Miami.

The Camp Carnival youth programme looks exciting and as we are travelling in the school summer holidays, there will be loads of kids onboard so my two will make some new friends. Camp Ocean is the sector my son will go into, accepting children from age 2 to 11. My daughter will be in the Circle C club – the group for 12 to 14 year olds. If you have older teens, they are catered for with Club 02 for 15-17 year olds.

Insider tip: I have already registered my children online into the kids club for our sail which saves us a job upon embarkation = AKA more cocktail time for mama! However if you don’t pre-register children, you can easily do this onboard – the youth team will have a meet & greet opportunity on day one of the cruise when most people register or you can enrol them at any time during the first few days.

us in bar

Having a child-free drink on an earlier cruise holiday… Just like we plan to do onboard Vista!

Whilst the children are making new friends in the kids club onboard Vista, my hubby and I are planning to make use of Serenity – the adults only retreat. This area doesn’t cost any extra but provides a tranquil child-free space to get some relaxing downtime. There are whirlpools and a bar waiter service from your plush lounger where you can listen to relaxing music, read a book, enjoy ocean views and even grab a complimentary chopped salad to snack on!

Just an hour of total peace will feel like a day and once we’re rejuvenated and restored again we can go collect the kids (if they can bear to leave their mates) and spend time doing the other family friendly activities onboard.

We chatted and dreamed about all this last week as we ate our lunch in Leeds city centre where we eventually ended up. We shopped for a few holiday essentials, had a spot of lunch then squeezed in a quick trip to the supermarket before the afternoon school run. We didn’t want to spend the time running errands like the supermarket, but needs must – we had to buy food! At least on the Carnival Vista, the shopping and preparation of the family’s meals and snacks will be someone else’s responsibility and we can switch off from duty and switch on fun!

Until then, enjoy this video about Vista which is now on its maiden voyage, and I will bring you more from the actual ship this summer when we get on board!

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Comments to Mama’s getting her groove on!

  • A cruise sounds so exciting. Something I’ve always fancied doing!

    Lucy Dorrington 18th May 2016 3:22 pm Reply
  • There’s really something for everyone on a cruise isn’t there? I have been on a few, but the last one my daughter was too tiny to make use of the kids club so we need to try again in a few years when they will all be big enough to enjoy it and we can relax! Have a wonderful time! 🙂

    Emma Raphael 18th May 2016 8:22 pm Reply
    • Thank you – we are all really excited about going.

      Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:11 am Reply
  • Sounds so exciting, I would love to go on a cruise!

    Jo 18th May 2016 8:52 pm Reply
    • They are the best – I love cruising.

      Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:11 am Reply
  • I would love to go on a cruise. I have been on a mini cruise to Norway and Sweden but it would be nice to go on a Mediterranean cruise. Will need to speak nicely to my hubby hehe

    angela hamilton 18th May 2016 11:30 pm Reply
    • Norway and Sweden sounds nice. I’d love to explore those places.

      Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:11 am Reply
  • I am sure you are going to have an ace time. Although it still makes me sea sick thinking about it!

    Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) 19th May 2016 12:13 am Reply
    • Bless you – I can’t lie, some people do get sea sick but I’ve only experienced this when we were passing through the Bay of Biscay, a notoriously choppy stretch of sea! Other than that, the ship is stable and you can forget you are on water.

      Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:12 am Reply
  • Looks amazing, I’ve always wanted to have a look around a cruise ship, not sure about actually going on one though!

    Kizzy 20th May 2016 6:22 am Reply
    • Sometimes cruise lines do one day things when they are in port so you can have a tour and lunch and look around without going anywhere. I’d be tempted to hide out somewhere onboard though as I wouldn’t want to get off – they’d find me though. The security on a ship is really tight!

      Nadine Hill 20th May 2016 9:16 am Reply
  • What a fabulous opportunity – we have a child free week abroad over the summer which I’m very much looking forward to!

    Emma | The Mini Mes and Me 20th May 2016 11:05 am Reply
  • Sounds wonderful! We went on a cruise 2 years ago and would love to go again.

    Erica Price 20th May 2016 1:34 pm Reply
  • I have been looking into the kids clubs this week too – they look so much fun. I just hope Kian is brave enough to go

    Kara Guppy 20th May 2016 7:52 pm Reply
  • That sounds amazing nadine, have never been on a cruise ship, would love to go. Cannot wait to hear all about it!

    Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas Kahanka 22nd May 2016 7:11 pm Reply
    • I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! I’m getting very excited now.

      Nadine Hill 24th May 2016 1:28 pm Reply
  • A cruise sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to read all about it.

    Emma 23rd May 2016 1:13 pm Reply
  • We are planning a cruise at some point in the future when we can actually afford it 😉 we fancy doing one of the Norway and surrounding areas one to try and see the Northern Lights, that’s something that has been on my bucket list for a long time!

    Stevie x

    A Cornish Mum 26th May 2016 8:08 pm Reply
    • Ooh sounds fab!

      Nadine Hill 29th May 2016 9:15 am Reply
  • I love sneaky lunches with my fella. It is more likely to happen than a night date!

    Jen Walshaw 4th July 2016 10:31 am Reply
  • Looks like fun – i bet you are so excited. We are regular cruisers and off on Celebrity in August.
    It is nice to see info from other ships – cant wait for your reports x

    Mary Louise 4th July 2016 8:53 pm Reply
    • Ooh I can’t wait to write them! I’d love to hear what Celebrity is like – I’ve never sailed with them so I will read your reports too! x

      Nadine Hill 5th July 2016 9:24 am Reply
  • I didn’t know you could pre-register children for clubs before we boarded……off to investigate

    Kara Guppy 8th July 2016 9:31 am Reply
    • Oh yes – go to your cruise personalised online and you can sort it from there.

      Nadine Hill 11th July 2016 8:11 am Reply
  • I’ve never been on a cruise although my parents are big fans. The thought of a swaying boats puts me off but you make it sound such fun. Kids clubs the kids want to go too are the best and that adult tranquil zone sounds lush! What a lovely way to spend your child free day, eating lunch and getting exciting for your upcoming trip. I hope it is everything you are dreaming of.

    Fiona - Coombe Mill 8th July 2016 10:00 am Reply
    • I hope so too – thanks Fiona! …Plus I can promise you the boat doesn’t really sway – unless you are crossing the Bay of Biscay then it does!! But otherwise you kinda forget you are on a boat!!

      Nadine Hill 11th July 2016 8:10 am Reply
  • Oh wow this sounds so exciting, I have never seen a cruise ship let alone been on one, it sounds great to have everything in one place and for the children to be well entertained. Onto a day out after dropping the kids of at school, me and hubby are thinking of more date nights but maybe a date day would be good 🙂

    The Mummy Diary 9th July 2016 8:52 am Reply
    • I hope you get your date day soon!

      Nadine Hill 11th July 2016 8:12 am Reply
  • I bet you can not wait to get some one on one time with your fella!

    Jen Walshaw 8th August 2016 5:23 pm Reply

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